Pouchette Florentine

  1. Does anyone own this clutch? I want to purchase one as a holder for my SK 3 and want to know if it is really useful and what it holds! I appreciate it!! Pictures would be great!

    THANKS THANKS!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

    Picture from elux
  2. I have it. It can hold keys, ID, credit cards, lip gloss and cell. It's a good clubbing bag. I use it with the belt.
  3. i was wondering this too... great thread, crystal!
  4. Sweet- sounds perfect. Plus it's uber cheap! I gotta get it!

    Thanks Michelle! :flowers:
  5. I love the Floretine so much more than the pochette! Not many people have it, it holds just as much and is a great price.
  6. No problem! :smile:

  7. Thanks! I was looking through elux thinking about anything I want to purchase pre-price increase! LOL I want to get all my mono accessories that I have been to lazy to put together now! :yes:
  8. Oh your so lucky!
    I just took some pictures a few days ago!

    florentinecontents1.jpg florentinecontents2.jpg
  9. So cute! Did you buy the waist belt for it?
  10. azia: yup the set of course!
  11. That´s hot!
  12. In Asia, almost every SA wears these to hold their cards...they also had these mini catalogs (and I mean mini...just bigger than business cards), almost like 'cheat sheets'...

    super cute! perfect for the S3, I think...hmmm.I have new S3....lol
  13. can i get more pictures of it please?!!!!! my friend said it's ugly without the belt is tat truE?!
  14. I ordered it off elux. I will put pictures up when I get it!. I think it would be fine without the belt!?!
  15. it looks so pretty!
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