Post your recent Treesje purchases here!

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  1. I did not see any such threads so thought to start one. I will start off.

    Here is my very first Treesje purchase, a Mini Marley in EB. The colour is gorgeous but I love my blues & I absolutely love the detailing of the leather(almost like RM haze leather but more obvious blotches). I am blown by the detailed workmanship on the bag & the zipper is so smooth. I am however still trying to get used to the paper thin leather. I do love the softness of it.

    The shade IRL is about 2 shades darker. The flash just watered it down.

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  2. Divine!!! I can't get over how amazing the EB leather & gunmetal studs look together!!

    Congrats pinkboudoir!:woohoo:
  3. Thanks Cheryl! It's my first Treesje & it has made me want more.
  4. Beautiful mini Marley & lovely color! Congrats
  5. I love that color!! How is the leather? Soft?
  6. Yes leather is very soft but a lil on the thin side. The wrinkled texture reminds me of RM Haze leather but EB is tonnes softer. In fact it is super soft.
  7. i have the marley in grey and i agree the leather feels more delicate to me than my RMs....i try to be a tad more careful when i carry it then when I carry my MABs which i feel can take more got a gorgeous color!! use it well!!
  8. Cute Marley. The EB is gorgeous.

    I already posted my Mortale Pouch in another thread. Here's a black Axel that I got a great deal on at Bloomies.


    Next to an HH Carryall for size comparison

    I love the gunmetal and black combo and kind of like the idea of having such a cute cosmetics case with studs. I'm going to be super stylish next time I go anywhere.
  9. Congrats!!! That bag is gorgeous!!! What an awesome bag and color to start your Treesje collection with. I love EB!

    Thanks for starting this thread!

  10. zoesma, Thanks. The Grey Marley is GORGEOUS. I would have got it if I had chance upon it before EB.

    monkeytail, Love that black leather on your pouch.

    azgoldengirl26, Thank you! I cannot wait to carry it.
  11. congrat on your first treesje! Love the distressed leather.
  12. Thanks for starting this thread PB!
  13. Congrats, pb, that EB leather looks gorgeous!

    mt, the Black Axel looks great too! How does it compare in size to the Mortale Pouch?
  14. Slightly smaller length and width, but much deeper. It is like a smaller version of a mens shaving kit bag, same proportions, but of course way cuter :biggrin:
  15. New poster! I've been a member for a while, but generally just lurk :smile:

    Graduated law school last spring, found out I passed the bar in November. I'd been wanting to buy myself a new 'passed-the-bar' bag, but I couldn't really pick... Until I saw the Asher! Love it... I had a hard time deciding on color. I really wanted the plum, but really couldn't find it. I only like gunmetal hardware, so I was able to score a purple :smile: Should be here Friday!