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  1. I always thought Hobo meant shape? Long and round where satchels are usually more boxy?
  2. Bought a black Asher last night, can't wait to get it.
  3. I think the code was gc10? It was posted on a thread recently-january, I think-for shopdressonline, and still worked. :smile:
  4. Here's my second bag, Avalon in Royal from a sweet PFer. This bag is so roomy yet so light & I love the way it sits when I sling it on.
    avalonroyal1.JPG avalonroyal5.JPG avalonroyal2.jpg
  5. Congratulations on passing the bar! That is such a huge acomplishment. Best wishes and enjoy the new bag!
  6. I went to Nordstrom rack today and got a black marley for $289. It is so soft and smoosht!! I love it! I have 2 other treesje on the way to me also!
  7. I bought the Black Dylan last week and last night, bought an Oceano Divino Grande.

    Still on the look out for a Black Sophia and an Oceano Magnolia.
  8. Don't you find the shoulder straps so comfortable to wear? What I love the most about Treesje's designs is the strap drops.
  9. Pink, Congrats on the Royal Avalon, I sooooo agree with you, it's an awesome bag. Looking at your pic made me pull mine out the closet and pack her up for use tomorrow, I really love that bag.
  10. Thanks! Yes it is such a great bag. I stuffed it when I had lots to carry yesterday & it felt so comfy on the shoulders.

    tejava, Indeed I love the strap drops.
  11. I just received my first Treesje. I bought a LB mini magnolia from Bonanzle. I was so excited but I am sad to say I don't love it. Everything about it is great except that it's too small for me. I really wish I could wear the braided handles over my shoulder. I think I may re-sell it and try to find a regular size Magnolia because I do love the leather and details, etc.
  12. I'm so sorry it didn't work out lcarlson! Definitely give the full size magnolia a's the perfect size for me and I typically like medium to large size bags.
  13. got my Jovi in Teal from LunaBoston today! I love it! beautiful color and the leather is very soft!
  14. I love the mini magnolia & mini asher. They do seem sooo small. Sorry it did not work for you lcarlson.

    heehaw, Your Jovi sounds lovely. Any pics to share?
  15. Got this today, Teal Turner. I am bummed the top panels are mismatched but I think I will live with it since it is at the top.
    tealturner1.JPG tealturner5.JPG tealturner3.JPG