Post your Pix of Inferno/Paradiso Ciaos!

  1. hey i'm finally going to get something from the outlets and was thinking of Inferno and Paradiso bambino, bocce, or ciaos.

    So I wanted all of you who have Inferno or Paradiso ciaos, please post pix!! It'll just help give me an idea on what I want =)


    :heart: stephiee
  2. Get a paradiso!!! i think i posted a pic of mine before... lemme find it :smile: okay here are the pics of my ciao :smile: :tup:
  3. okay for reals here are the pics...hahah
    IMG_1998 resized.jpg IMG_1999 resized.jpg
  4. thanks moofia!! your bag has the painting birdies and baby! my fave =) n the girl with the yellow monkey ^^
  5. here is my inferno ciao

    and paradiso ciao ciao for good measure



    paradiso ciao ciao


  6. eee i actually saved a pix of your inferno ciao before u posted this..i saw it on the lj community! urs is actually what i'm looking for exactly! cept i want the print shifted over to the right n a bit down so i can see the mummy n devil eating ice cream!
  7. aww i hope you get what you are looking for!
  8. wow awesome inferno ciao pandanoir!!
  9. Cute ciaos! I love the way ciaos look when slinged across the body and am considering buying on Spiaggia. But I'm just not very sure how practical would it be. It would be great if some of you can share why you like / dislike it before I head down to the stores.:p

  10. thanks Vmasterz! lindsey is a sweetheart!!
  11. i love the ciao because its small and slim but can fit a lot of what i need to carry around. i'm not a big bag kind of girl so this bag is easy to get things that i need. i don't wear it with the flap folded over though so that way i can put more things inside
  12. Here's my Paradiso Ciao Ciao:

    And my Inferno Ciao Ciao is on its way from SH! I finally bought two bags from Lindsey. :yes: She's a doll! The other bag is the Paradiso Zucca.
    P1090548.JPG P1090549.JPG