Post your NM Last Call & Saks Off Fifth bargains!

  1. Thanks for the info!
  2. Thanks for letting us know, I used mine on a Vince leather jacket. With the Labor Day sale and Living Social deal, final price was about $500.
  3. So classic!
  4. Gorgeous! :love:
  5. I'm not sure of the name of this style, but it's a Celine for $1540 and I believe an extra 30% off. There are some scratches but the tags and dustbag are there. This is the off 5th in Leesburg, VA.
  6. I'm returning at regular NM store but at last call price at $582 (55% off from 1295 original price). PM me if serious in buying!
  7. Saks Off 5th at Houston Premium Outlets had MJ Stams for $669 with an additional 30% off
  8. Another picture
  9. My First Rebecca Minkoff :biggrin: Awesome deal with the extra 30% off Handbags I should of took photos they had in 2 Jimmy Choo Bags in the Glass showcase an end cap wall filled with Rebecca Minkoffs no Nikkis (What I was looking for) The one Moonstruck I grabbed lots of MAC's and some other bags.
  10. Great deal, I love that they wrote " Allyson okayed price" on the receipt :biggrin:
  11. Ahh Im afraid to even carry this beauty... I am going to keep the tags on it and wait to carry it till I visit my NR Monday it just opened today!!! I really want a Nikki!
  12. Went to off 5th to use my 30 off coupon I got. I saw this Rebecca Minkoff bag and just fell in love. 30% off and when they rang me up, the coupon was having some issues so she gave me an additional 30% off. Ended up paying 146$!!!! So excited for my first RM bag.

  13. I had to chuckle when I saw that! :lol:
  14. My best Last Call deal ever! Balenciaga Knee-High boots, originally $1095. Marked all the way down to $108, the orange sticker was an extra 30% off and the clearance sticker was an additional 50% off. Scored these for $35! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


  15. Celine at off 5th?! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1379099711.286255.jpg v ImageUploadedByPurseForum1379099756.016371.jpg