Post your NM Last Call & Saks Off Fifth bargains!

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  1. #1 Aug 26, 2010
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    I thought I'd start a new thread where we could post our bargain purchases from Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Fifth Avenue - Off Fifth.

    Today I bought a gorgeous pair of Christian Dior fur-trimmed boots at NM Last Call. The original price was $1,190; they were marked down to $535 but the wonderful SA told me there was a 40% coupon available for subscribers of their email newsletter. Plus, I was returning another item which brought my total to under $165! :yahoo:

    The attached photo is borrowed from an ebay auction (not mine). The boots I bought are identical to these except they are gray. They are fabulous -- I can't wait for snow! :biggrin:
  2. I bought a Giorgio Armani red cashmere blazer for $420..original $4495 :biggrin:
  3. ^^WHOA! :faint: That's over 90% off! I would love to see a photo!
  4. Love the boots so much!!! What a fantastic deal Hermes!

    Ok here goes a few....

    Dolce & Gabbana dress- originally $2650, for $175 (I think that was the total)
    Sergio Rossi heels- $5??.00 , marked down to $70 with all the discounts they had going on
    Rozae Nichols fringe vest- $800 originally, marked down to $140
    Tom Ford sunglasses- $400.00 originally (or thereabouts), marked down to $26

    During their recent sale where all of the clearance merchandise was an extra 50% off, I got some super cute pajamas for $3 a piece.
    a great Milly dress for $18 from $345
    a very cute navy blazer from Bergdorfs that was originally $395, marked down to $30, and some other stuff that I cannot remember right now!!!
    liberty 001 (Medium).jpg rossi 001.jpg rossi 003.jpg rozae 002.jpg
  5. ^^Wow, Anne! You have really found some great bargains! I am hoping to travel to the DFW area sometime within the next 6 months. We will have to meet up and go shopping! :biggrin:
  6. ^^^Count me in!! I would love it!
  7. I got this last month for $60ish, it was $178 originally, I think.
  8. ^^Very cute!
  9. Thanks! I like that it has the plastic overlay, its going to be a good school bag for when it rains/snows and I have to bring my laptop to class.
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    I stopped in to NM Last Call today for few minutes today, trying to kill some time before I had to pick up my children from school. Imagine my surprise when I saw a pair of Lanvin ballerina flats sitting on the shelf! I was ecstatic to see that they were my size and in perfect condition -- never worn, no damage. The original price was $525; they were marked down to $210 but I had a coupon so I got them for less than $150! :yahoo:

    The below photo is borrowed from ebay (not my auction). My pair is identical but they are blue and black.
  11. Wow! HermesNewbie, excellent score! I NEVER find Lanvins at my local NMLC..but some CL sometimes.
  12. ^^Thanks, sneezz! Before yesterday I had never seen Lanvin at my NMLC. They also had a pair of metallic pumps but they were not my style.

  13. Great find and price!
  14. ^^Thanks, Ladybug!
  15. I got these last year....$200, but not sure what the regular price was.