Post your Ferragamo Shoes here!!!

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  1. So I tried these black quilted ones on for sizing when I bought the glitter pair because they didn't have my size/width in the glitter pair in store. And I couldn't get them out of my head because they fit so perfectly which almost never happens to me because I have wide feet. I think that I want to wax them before I use them because I think that they are lambskin. They have a patent leather toe which hopefully helps them be a bit more durable I always scratch the toe area on my shoes. 20181213_115107.jpg 20181213_115153.jpg 20181213_115536.jpg
  2. Here are the new additions to my Ferragamo shoe collection!

    Vara in New Bisque

    Erice 55 in Winter Rose

    Thanks for letting me share!
  3. One of my colleagues bought a pair in a grey blue from last season and I thought this model is really stylish. Great choice!
  4. My sale find, Ferragamo Flogaria in Gold.

  5. I always purchase a pair of Ferragamo at JFK DFS every time when I go on overseas trip. This time I really found very cute ready to party pair.
    IMG_4598.jpg IMG_4597.jpg
  6. Bought this at the 5th Avenue store in nyc a few weeks ago.
  7. Bought this pair at the same time
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  8. Love the 2019 SS print
  9. 5E2C8005-562C-48D9-A28A-1A7F4F5E1869.jpeg Couldn’t resist this pair of boots
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  10. IMG_7975.JPG IMG_7979.JPG

    Ferragamo Gavina (pardon my unpedi’d feet... still waiting for the weather to warm up)
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  11. Great choice, they look lovely on you! This has been on my share if they are comfortable...thank you!
  12. Used them once and they are comfy so far ;)
  13. Hi, nice shoes! How is their size, do you get your regular size ?
    I'm thinking about getting this one and they recommend get smaller size.
    Btw Net A Porter is having 15% off on Spring selection with some Ferragamo shoes!
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