Post your Ferragamo Shoes here!!!

  1. Thank you! That's a good idea, I can see white or beige being really cute with them :smile:
  2. You are most welcome and I hope you like the combination
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  3. Gorgeous!
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  4. IMG_1521768197.628589.jpg
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  5. Pink python pumps :heart: IMG_6432.jpg
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  7. I have a pair of red Varinas too. Surprisingly, I do wear them often. I usually pair them with white or black outfits for a pop of colour. I’ve also worn it to a business meeting wit a blush coloured shift dress for a really cute look!
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  8. Aww, sounds lovely :flowers: I'd love to see a picture of the outfit :nuts:
  9. My black patent Vara bow pumps :loveeyes:
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    My first pair of SF

  11. My first SF Varina in Oxford blue IMG_1203.jpg
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  12. Hey fellow Ferragamo fans! Here is a pic of my modest collection. Hoping to add a black Vara to the collection soon. Left to right:
    Varina in Rosso Patent
    Elea in Nero Patent Calf
    Varina in Moon Calf
    Varina in Oxford Blue Patent
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  13. I have a small collection of Ferragamo shoes (12 pairs) and today, I’m wearing my black Varinas. IMG_1524630612.453553.jpg
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  14. Farfetch seems to have a few varas and varinas on sale