Post your CHANEL Purchases, Questions, Swatches, Chit Chat, etc... :)

  1. Hi ladies :smile: I know there are threads on Glossimers, Rouge Coco's, etc...but I decided to make a thread where were can talk about anything and everything. Instead of making a new thread for every collection or question that pops up in my (or anyone's) head, maybe we can consolidate it here? I'm always and very well curious with Chanel cosmetics and always have a million questions to ask! Literally!

    Sooo in this thread we can post our purchases, questions, swatches, chit chat, whatever relating to Chanel! I love chatting with everyone on here since they are soo helpful! It would for sure be nice if we could see swatches, since I know some are hard to come around.

    Anyways, I came across Nordies's Anniversary Collection...I'm really thinking about the quad. I had just ordered Kaska Beige Quad, which I thought would be kinda similar to Beiges de Chanel (discontinued quad). Would you think Nordies is similar to Beiges de Chanel or is it more closer to Kaska Beige?

    These pictures are from

    The Quad is a bit more expensive than regular quads, it's $65 and only at Nordies.
  2. Thanks for starting this thread! Do you have closeup pics of both quads?
  3. OMG!!! THANK YOU,devoted7:hugs: Funny Gold Lame was suppose to only be a part of the Shanghi collection, but when I went to Nordies site yesterday I noticed it in the list of available polishes. And now you have confirmed it as a part of the anni collection. Ty,again.
  4. thanks devoted! i was wondering what the nordie exclusive looked like since there isn't a nordie's in nyc!
  5. Thank you for starting this 'all Chanel all the time' thread devoted7! :smile:

    The Chanel quad is a duty-free exclusive quad that Nordies will get to sell for their Anniversary Sale. I read on another website that it is similar to the Beiges De Chanel one, but that it is more sheer. In the photos above it looks like Kaska Beige. And Karla Sugar's swatches make the shadows look quite opaque, so I am confused. I hope I can see this in person at Nordies before I make up my mind.

    The 2 lipsticks are Rouge Coco repromotes (Perle and another one). I don't know what the second nail polish color is. It is supposed to be pale pink.

    If I do end up getting the quad, I am not going to want to ruin the "CC" overspray on the shadows. :p
  6. ^^ Ohhhh i love it!!! The glossimers, lipsticks, blush, and purple gray polish especially :cloud9: Excited!
  7. Deb: I'm typing from my iPhone but I will try to get close up pictures...and pond is right. I think this quad looks like kaska beige, but she's right again, Karla usually does swatch them pretty hard.

    DeeDee: for some reason, I knew that polish was going to come back. LOL! Now only if they would repromote some other polishes :p

    girlygirl: I have a nordies about 45 mins away and I have a strong feeling they won't carry the anny items because they never have anything good or new. But am unsure. Does anyone know if all Nordies will have it for sure or just selected ones?

    pond: I didn't know it was duty free! but now I do because of the price :biggrin: so does that mean we don't get taxed for it when we buy? Also, if you end up gettin the quad before I do, let me know how you like it. Or anyone in general. I also checked out temptalia's swatches for kaska and the do look exactly like the Nordies anny quad.

    Also, if anyone has beiges de chanel and check this quad out or ends up getting it. please please let me know if it's similar.

    And the Fall collection...glossimers...the blush, quad...ohhh please do not get me
    started. My wallet is already crying :cry:
  8. Amen:lol:
  9. Great thread devoted! I am def picking up the Anniversary Quad, and am in love with everything in the Fall collection...
  10. eeeeeee I am SO excited for the paradoxal!!!
  11. creamy and the other a matte finish? :nuts: