Post your CHANEL Purchases, Questions, Swatches, Chit Chat, etc... :)

  1. Has anyone tried Hydramax + Active Nutrition lip care? I know I know $$$ for lip balm but I keep reading great reviews.
  2. I must get those new polishes!
  3. ^you are the polish queen...get them!

    yup! not sure how the matte black would work out for me.

    omg. you're missing out. GET IT!! it's amazing! well worth the $45. I use this on my lips first. wait about a minute and apply my lipsticks...and it's application is amazing. feels and looks great and lasts long too! I love it! I think I convinced pond to get it and she loves it too! Def. go for it!
  4. Lol, I don't try to be but it's tempting! This would be my first purchase (the other 2 I have are gifts or from SWAP box)... I feel like I'm turning a leaf!

    Now granted I have one lipgloss but I've never tried the lipsticks nor know what to even look into trying..
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    ^ Oh yeah! devoted7 convinced to me to buy this big time. :p The texture is heavenly. It has a balm-like texture that melts on contact. Very luxurious and emollient.

    devoted7: The Nordies Anniversary eye shadow quad is $65. In the duty free stores it is around $54, so the sneaky little devils are adding in the tax. I played with this quad on Saturday. It is a bit sheer, not opaque like Karla Sugar's swatches. But the tester was a bit beaten up, so I don't know if that added to the sheerness. I prefer the Kaska Beige quad. I don't have the Beiges De Chanel, so I really can't compare the two. So I didn't pick up the Nordies Quad, but I am still debating it since I love almost anything Chanel and limited edition. :graucho:

    The Kaska Beige quad is more plummy and more pigmented, and the Nordies Quators quad is more brown and beige-ish.
  6. :graucho:sold
  7. ^LOL! let us know how you like it ;)
    Ohhh okay, I ordered Kaska Beige and should get it soon. I'm hoping I will like it. I talked to my MA and she said that's the closest quad to the Beiges de Chanel. Lets hope so.
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    Nordies has their beauty exclusives available for pre-order online now. I couldn't resist Chanel. I got the Muscat Glossimer, soft shimmery pink. The Quatuor Boutons Eyeshadow quad and Rose Des Vents Nail Polish. I just got an email saying the glossimer has shipped, I was surprised because I thought that nothing was going to be shipped until July. (Maybe it wasn't a beauty exclusive, but Temptalia has it as one and I followed her link for it and the polish.) The polish pic is from ebay, though I did order from nordies.



  9. ^woohoo! can't wait! Also, where did you find the glossimer? I didn't see it :sad: the only Nordies exclusive I saw was the quad.

    In the mean Chanel goodies should arrive today :smile:
  10. I will take pictures soon, I was lazy last night. LOL! and thanks for the link...without the link, I wouldn't be able to find it.
  11. devoted, THANK YOU for starting this thread!!! :hugs:

    I am just back from my trip to Spain and am catching up...and I have been dying for some decent pics of the Nordie's Anniv. Chanel stuff, so the great photos are much appreciated.

    DeeDee, I also second devoted's mad love for the Hydromax lip stuff - I have gotten some samples of it (it was out everywhere around here, waaah) and it is wicked. A little bit goes a very long way, so I am still not done with my 2 samples. I will almost certainly be buying it, though.

    And here's some kinda blurry pics of what I got on my trip (shopping with my SO keeps me in line, lol - because I ran into so much Chanel stuff that is not available here at all). And then the duty free at the airport was cleaned out, which further curbed my spending. :angel:


    Nail polishes in Spendeur, Nouvelle Vague, and White Satin - I have been stalking these three...I actually did buy a Nouvelle Vague for over retail a whole ago on ick-bay, but then I sold it before using it because I was annoyed with myself for paying too much. (I am crazy, I know). So then regretted it, and bought another bottle. Need my head examined.

    They also had tons of other np colors that we don't have in the States anymore. I talked to the SAs and they told me that the popular color there was Blue Satin, and that Nouvelle Vague wasn't as big of a hit as in the States. They were really curious about what people were wearing in the States.

    And I found some Super lipstick, which is beautiful and more wearable than you would some nail polish remover. They had ALL of the LE Rouge Cocos in the store I went into as well: Teheran, Sari Dore, was sheer torture to go in there and only have 5 minutes to spend (note to self: do not attempt cosmetics shopping with the SO again). :p
  12. ^ Welcome back Loquita! You found the nail polish remover! This has product has to come to the States. I'm dying to try it.

    Isn't Super a great color? I bought it when it first came out, and it is such a hot cheerful pink.

    I'm surprised that Nouvelle Vague wasn't popular there. I guess they prefer darker, smokey nail polish colors to lighter pastel ones. At least you got to benefit from this and snatch a bottle. :smile:
  13. Loquita: I'm really loving your nail polishes! They're gorgeous! Can't wait to see your mani's :smile:
  14. So jealous of Super, I missed getting it! Welcome back, missed your posts!