Post pics of your well-loved B-Bags!

  1. While I see plenty of pictures of beautiful new Bbags on this forum, I'd love to see pictures of your well-loved B-Bags...I'm curious to see what happens to the leather through the course of time and wear, and what I can expect my own B bags to look like in the near future...

    Cheers! :flowers:
  2. Great thread! I want to know too.
  3. 00o yeah great thread! I've been wanting to post up pics of my black city... i've got a brand new pic of it somewhere on this Forum... and the other day I realised that I've had it for a year and it looks completely different! Once I get my act together I'll be sure to post pics! :graucho:
  4. Good idea Mimi!
    My bubblegum 05 has leather that slips like silk. It's a cliche, but she really did feel "luscious" when I got her. A great summer bag.

    Marron 04 twiggy is soooo soft and squishy. One of the best leathers. Thin and supple.

    Turq 05, thick, soft, different panels are different tones, and textures. But panels are matched evenly, ie. the corners where the buckles are have matching leather. I love it! This bag has it's own personaltity.

    Black 04 If I had to sell all my bags and only keep one (yeah right lol!), this would be it. It has leather that is thin, supple, cool and almost clammy it has so much moisture. The drape is fabulous. The leather is like nothing I've ever felt before. I will never sell it! And it has pewter hardware which totally sets off the black.

    Lilac 03 Supple, almost puffy, very wrinkly distressed feeling, thicker than I thought it would be compared to my other "early" bags. Very in love with this one.

    I have a couple of others to add but the camera is at work.
    martwigfront.jpg turq.jpg blackcity.jpg lilac03_4.jpg 100_2125.jpg
  5. I just got this 05 caramel day last week, and it was beautifully broken in when I got it. It's the most broken in bag I've ever owned, and I love it! My 06 black day is starting to get nicely broken in as well. Love those slouchy days!

  6. Sunspark and Lori your bags are soooooooo beautiful. I think the older, used bags are so fabulous. New bags are so stiff and I like them a lot better once they get broken in and get that first mark. Then I no longer feel the need to baby them so much. Sunspark I love they way you desrcribed the leather on each of the. That black with silver OMG :drool:I will post pictures of mine when I have time to photograph them and size the pics.
  7. [​IMG]

    Here's my rouge theatre 05. Definitely used a lot to get it to hang like that.
  8. Gorgeous day bags everyone! I think this style looks especially great when it's broken in and slouchy. The bags I have not are still in the process of being broken in.
  9. Fayden...that pic is the epitome of what a day bag should look like. GORGEOUS!!
  10. sunspark, your bags are all so beautifully slouchy :heart: ...

    It really makes me consider a used bag although I'm really nervous about eBay :s
  11. Fayden~ great picture!!! I LOVE your bag soooo much!!!:love: ~ and you are adorable!!!!!!:heart:
  12. I love this thread. All my bags are new -- no where NEAR getting to slouchy! I love being able to see what i can look forward to.

    Please post more pix, people!
  13. thank you zachory and lorib- when i got this bag, it needed a lot of help. i spend days cleaning it. but now it's very pretty and i love the way it slouches.
  14. Ohhhh the bags are so lovely!! Now I'm not so afraid to bring out and use my bags now...I was so afraid of getting the handles dirty, but now...I guess it doesn't look so bad. Especially on Brown bags, darkened handles are an indication of natural patina...and it makes it look even more vintage and lovely.

    I'll have to wait a few years before I post pictures of my well-loved Bbags because I'm still a baby in the Bbag world!
  15. Fayden that Day looks Fantastic on you! Why did mine never look so good on me lol?

    Thanks for the compliments ladies:smile:

    Simmmchen if you are looking at a bag on eBay, just ask for opinions or pm me. I've gotten all my bags second hand and have been thrilled with every one.