POLL: Which wallet to purchase next?

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Which wallet to purchase next?

  1. Sarah Wallet Bleu Nuit

  2. Zippy Wallet Bleu Nuit

  3. Sarah Wallet Monogram

  4. Zippy Wallet Monogram

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. i love the sarah wallet in EVERY COLOR & design!
  2. bleu zippy!!!
  3. Zippy Wallet Bleu Nuit gets my vote! A Zippy Wallet is the best!
  4. sarah wallet bleu nuit
  5. a zippy wallet of your choice would be great. i find the zippy wallet very practical and neat looking.
  6. Sarah Wallet in Bleu Nuit! I love the Sarah Wallet! It's my favorite!

    My 1st vernis wallet was a ludlow and I used it for months straight. It still looks great so I think Vernis is durable!
  7. Sarah Wallet Bleu Nuit
  8. I voted bleu nuit zippy wallet! I love bigger wallets and that color is to die for!
  9. Bleu Nuit Sarah!
  10. Another vote for the sarah in bleu nuit
  11. Bleu Nuit zippy gets my vote :smile: