POLL: Which wallet to purchase next?

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Which wallet to purchase next?

  1. Sarah Wallet Bleu Nuit

  2. Zippy Wallet Bleu Nuit

  3. Sarah Wallet Monogram

  4. Zippy Wallet Monogram

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I need a new wallet and I've narrowed it down between the following four:

    Sarah Wallet Bleu Nuit
    Zippy Wallet Bleu Nuit
    Sarah Wallet Monogram
    Zippy Wallet Monogram

    I would like advice as to which wallet is more practical/convenient. I love the new vernis color Bleu Nuit, but the monogram canvas might be more durable in the long run. Please help! :P
  2. My vote :
    Sarah Wallet Bleu Nuit
  3. Blue Nuit Sarah wallet!!! I have the sarah wallet in rose pop and I find it very durable. The durablilty had been a worry when I first bought it and was paranoid when using it but now I see I dont have to be. Its great. not even any scratches on it
  4. I would get the Sarah Blue Nuit...I think it would be durable in the long run...plus I believe that you should get what you want. My second choice would be the Sarah Monogram...I also choose sarah b/c I think your stuff will fit better.
  5. Blue Nuit Zippy. I almost bought the Zippy Organizer in Monogram, and looked at the Zippy Wallet too. I like the Zippy Wallet. It's big. I can't speak out of personal experience about the durability of Vernis, but I'm sure others can confirm its durability. :smile:
  6. Zippy Wallet in Vernis. I mean, it made out of ALL leather in its galore!
  7. Sarah wallet in monogram or vernis!!
  8. sarah in bleu nuit got my vote!
  9. Blue Nuit Zippy!! what a gorgeous color
  10. Zippy Wallet Bleu Nuit
  11. sarah wallet in bleu nuit if you want to be flashy, mono if you want to be classic. the zippy could get tiring of zipping it up back and forth....
  12. Blue Nuit Sarah!!
  13. bleu nuit sara!
  14. Bleu nuit sarah. It looks the best in bleu nuit, imo.
  15. I love the zippy!