Poll: Which bag do you prefer, the teri or the faridah and why?

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Which do you prefer the Teri or Faridah

  1. Teri

  2. Faridah

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I really cannot decide which bag I like better, what are the pros and cons of both. I originally liked the teri, because I felt like the faridah looks a little diaper bag ish, but recently i like the faridah better because it kind of 'flows', whereas the terri is kind of flat and narrow. Yet I think the Teri is more elegant looking. I'm deadlocked now. Thoughts? convincing? Thanks! (and BTW the color I would get in this bag, is grass green)
  2. I like the zip closure and structure of the teri.
  3. i like the zip closure on the teri! it looks cuter irl than in pictures!
  4. My vote is for the Faridah. I don't know why, but I like it better. Super comfortable to carry. LOVE the grass color.... Are you able to see both IRL?
  5. No I am not that is the problem!
  6. The Teri is amazing! I love the 3 compartments (1 zipped, 2 open), the 2 front pockets, and the overall look. I don't think it's flat and narrow at all. I think it has enough space, without looking too bulky and huge like the Faridah. I am not a big fan of hobos so my vote goes to the Teri.
  7. I like the Faridah a lot better. I prefer it if my shoulder bags only have one strap since those with two tend to slip off my shoulder, and I don't really like those that zip closed - I never zip my bags since that means I have to take them off my shoulder to fish stuff out of them. I've been carrying an ivory Faridah recently.
  8. i voted for faridah. i find the shape of the teri kind of awkward looking.
  9. I vote for the Faridah cause it looks a bit "cooler" IMO.
  10. The teri looks better on me so I voted for it :smile: But the Faridah is nice too.
  11. I voted for the Faridah too. I love mine. It's really comfortable to carry.:tup: