POLL: PS1 Medium or Bal Velo


POLL: Ultimate Day to Night Bag on Lazy Days

  1. Balenciaga Velo

  2. PS1 Medium Satchel

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  1. I agree that the PS1 is a casual day bag, but I don't find it business like. It's not a bag I would wear with heels or dressy outfits, but I think it's suitable for the dressier side of casual dressing if that makes sense (like flats and jeans and a nice top), especially the darker colours. If I need to be dressy I use other bags, but as a day to day bag that gets the most use, it is perfect.
  2. @ lavie: Yes, I do have a PS1 already in Large Smoke. I think that's partly where my dilemma lies. I don't have a Bal bag yet in my collection, so a Bal Velo would be a great addition. However, I am really in love with the PS leather, compartments, etc.
  3. @ riry: Thank you for your insightful response! I'm actually leaning towards a choice already. And, your inputs are making it so much easier! ;D

    @ REREsaurus: Thanks for this... The Velo is something I wanted for a very long time... until I discovered the PS. That's why I appreciate hearing all sides, especially those who are Bal and PS users.
  4. @ cali_to_ny: This is my biggest concern with the Covered HWare... I have read and heard of this so many times as well. :sad: And, if I can't have the CH Velo, then chances are I'd rather not get the Velo anymore.
  5. @ cali_to_ny: Thank you for the comparison shots! As I'm a very visual person, this photo is really helpful. I didn't realise that the Velo was almost similar in size to the large PS. I guess the large PS seemed bigger to me because of all the compartments.
  6. You are very welcome! The PS1 is definitely deeper, but I think the overall proportions of the Large are more similar to the Velo than the Medium.
  7. @ ckfox: Thank you for your very helpful response. I actually am 75% convinced of what bag I want. But, as I'm a very prudent buyer.... I like to listen to all the pros and cons. Thanks again! I really appreciate hearing from people like you who are both Bal Velo and PS users, because they can really speak from experience.
  8. @batgirl: no worries! am happy that you found the response helpful~~ In hindsight I ought to have added - if you don't carry much, best not to get the Velo as it is pretty big - as cali's photo shows, as wide as the PS1 Large.. so you're probably better off with the medium. I've tried on the medium myself.. and it is simply divine!!! But I carry a lot of junk so the medium was less than ideal for me.. LOL
  9. @ ckfox: Just like you, I carry a lot of stuff as well, see my reveal here showing inside shots of my PS. Actually, the photo had me thinking... maybe I should be considering velo or the large PS! Talk about getting more confused!!! :huh:
  10. LOL! I guess one way to decide is to try the Velo on yourself? Do you have a boutique nearby to do so? Personally I didn't consider a Velo until I tried it on.. and it was :love: :love: :love: And while I personally think the Bal would make a great addiction, it is similarly sized to the PS1 Large, which you already own.. so a PS1 Medium may be the better alternative in this case? Whichever you choose.. do keep us in the loop!
  11. It's good to have variety, since you already have a PS1, Balenciaga Velo is also really nice. I have 1 & I love it. No bag is perfect, they always have there PROS & CONS. If you think you will enjoy wearing it, you should go for it.

    I love Bals, but I sold half of my collection to explore other brands, such as Celine & also I want a PS1 Medium myself.
  12. My thoughts exactly...I don't know whether to get the PS1 Large or the Bal Velo...especially after my scare with the fake PS1...

    Feel kinda discouraged about it atm... I'm straight up an LV girl but lately been wanting to switch over to something else and Bal Velo or PS1 (either purple or black...my two favorite colors!) was totally my style, that was top handle and crossbody...

    Update on that fiasco....I have already returned the bag to the reseller but they need a few days to "look into the matter" and have not returned my money yet and when they find out they said I would have the option to "keep the bag" or exchange it for something else or get my money back....
    At this point I'd rather get my money back and am thinking of just purchasing from Aloharag because they have both the Bal Velo and the PS1 medium in black and its free shipping...despite me being at the other side of the world...
    So I'm still deciding between the PS1 and the Bal Velo...
    I've kinda had my moment with the PS1 albeit it wasn't exactly the PS1...but I really liked the bag and the structure and the feel...
    Have yet to see the Bal Velo in real person though...but I have seen pictures of the Bal ladies and they all seem very happy with it...and I really like how it looks casual...
    So I don't know.. :help::shrugs:
    Oh btw sorry I got kinda long winded in this post I guess I was just ranting out and needed to vent/share it a bit....
  13. PS for me! Its almost exclusive when you compare it to the popular Balenciaga.
  14. I agree!!! I see Balenciaga everywhere in Vegas, which makes wanna sell my B-bags. PS is the next Bal, so why not lead the trend? :cool:
  15. may i ask which one is heavier? i have a bal. velo with giant hardware and i hate it because its too heavy for me. i want to buy a large ps1 but im scared it would be heavy too.