POLL: PS1 Medium or Bal Velo


POLL: Ultimate Day to Night Bag on Lazy Days

  1. Balenciaga Velo

  2. PS1 Medium Satchel

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  1. Hi All,

    HELP!!!! Time to start my research again..... Thinking and looking for a handheld/shoulder/crossbody type bag that will take me from day to night on lazy days and nights. Something that can transition from casual to dressy.

    My options are:

    1. Bal Velo in Covered Hardware in Anthracite - Photos borrowed from Bal forum... hope it's alright with the owner.


    2. PS1 Medium Satchel in Midnight - Photos borrowed from PS forum... hope it's alright with the owner.


    Your thoughts please..... I'm particularly interested with advantages/disadvantages, and which bag can take more beating. I intend to use this bag as my go to - throw everything around when too lazy bag. Something to also use when everyday shopping, sightseeing, coffe-ing, travelling/going on tours, etc.
  2. They are both gorgeous bags! I think the Velo is a little bigger and a little more empty weight with the HW. Bbags are generally a tiny bit slouchier than the PS1 and perhaps a little more casual imho. I think you'll get more views from others here too.
  3. Honestly, I think you'll be happier in the long run with the PS1 Medium rather than the Bal Velo , batgirl. I've owned many Bbags and have often wondered if I should take the plunge with the Velo. Everytime I try it on, though, something seems off.

    I was just discussing this with another tpfer who's owned a Velo and then sold it. We're both over the moon with our PS1 Mediums. If you're looking for a go-to, everyday kick-around bag, the PS1 Medium is perfect. I've been wearing it everyday since I got it, and it's great. Wore it crossbody all day Saturday at the park with my daughter, took it shopping, to some restaurants, everyday to work... it's just the perfect casual-yet-chic, day-to-night type of bag.

    As for being able to take a beating, hands down the decision is PS1. Wearing my PS1 for the past few days has made me think about giving up Bbags forever. There's so much freedom in wearing the PS1... the leather and edge coating is far more durable than Bal. I don't have to worry about wear on the handles or corners. You can bump into things, things can bump into you, and no worries at all.
  4. ^^ Glad I logged in intime to see this! batgirl - my solid vote goes to the PS1. I've owned several Velos and although they start out nice, I don't think Bal thought the Velo out completely. The opening of the bag becomes awkward the more it breaks in (you'd think this was a good thing...) and the handles wrinkle on the Velo way too easily. Then you get that ugly handle look sooner than later. Plus it hangs way too low and is not adjustable.

    PS1 without a doubt.
  5. between the 2 styles , i would probably go for the PS1.
    but i remember that you already have a PS1 - do you have a Bal?
    would you rather have 2 of the same styles or different styles?
    if you don't have a Bal, maybe you could consider another Bal style aside from the Velo as the feedback of the Velo doesn't seem great.

    but between PS1 and Bal, i think i prefer Bal.
    perhaps look at other Bal styles to see if there are any others that catch your fancy
    maybe you could consider the Maxi Twiggy style if you want something cross body?
  6. PS1 for sure. I am going to risk alienation here but I'm not a fan of Balenciaga bags. I don't really get the appeal. And from the sounds of it from Velo owners it's not a great bag to use, whereas you know that the PS1 is the perfect bag. The medium is a perfect size, fits loads in it but it is not heavy or bulky. The PS1 is way cooler and more chic in my opinion. And if the Velo isn't adjustable that isn't great, whereas the PS1 can be worn in so many different ways.
  7. I'm a fan of Bal bags but not really the Velo style. I vote for the PS1, it's a better looking bag than the Velo imo and also more user friendly :smile:
  8. I voted for the PS1, I bought a velo, and sold it. I just didn't love the shape. It's so big at the bottom, everything got lost.
  9. Since I own neither, I can only suggest the PSI based on what other TPF members say about the two styles. The PSI seems to be the more durable bag, but as far as going from casual to dressy, I honestly don't see the PSI being anything but either casual or business-like., as in carrying files etc. This pic of the midnight one especially looks more like a laptop bag. I really like the bag, but am wondering if I'm the only one who views it like this (?).
  10. Totally vote PS1! I agree with some of the others who say the design isn't well thought-out on the Velo. Also, as REREsaurus mentioned, the cross body strap is very, very long. If you aren't tall, it might be overwhelming.

    Good luck!
  11. I would probably vote for the PS1 Medium for your purposes as well, even though I'm in the minority and ADORE my Velo! :biggrin:

    IMO the Velo is more comparable to the PS1 Large size (see them side by side in my avatar pic). It may be bigger than you need unless you have a lot of stuff to carry. I would also agree that the Velo hangs low so unless you are on the tall side you may find the strap to be longer than you'd like.

    Lastly - I had a black covered hardware Velo before my current RH one and I sold it quickly because I was super paranoid about rubbing/wear on the hardware. There's a pic of Lea Michele on the Bal Celebs thread with one completely exposed metal nub on her covered city!! :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  12. I'd go for the PS. The velo is a great bag but it's really big (too big for my needs). Size wise i think its like a mini work. And if you are looking to get a GH the GH along with what you are carrying might make it uncomfortable to wear cross body because of the weight, IMO.
  13. ok changed my avi so here is the PS1 large/Bal Velo comparison pic!

  14. Hi! Do you mind posting a modeling pic of both? I too am curious about the PS vs the Velo. Your PS is gorg! 'makes me want one!:smile:
  15. Considering this is a PS thread.. it's not surprising that more people voted for the PS1! :lol: That said, I own both bags and I think you need to break down further HOW you intend to use this bag ie. are you planning to use it more as a crossbody, handheld or shoulder..

    From my personal experiences - and please bear with me over its length! - I think the Bal Velo is perfect as a crossbody and for all the things you mentioned - everyday shopping, sightseeing, coffe-ing, travelling/going on tours, etc. In fact, it's pretty much what I've been using my Bal for. :yahoo: Why it's working for me as a 'lazy bag' (I love this description!) is because it's very slouchy and just rests against my hip like second skin - so it's perfect to wade through crowds and public transport. The second reason for the Bal being the better crossbody is because of its lengthier strap drop as compared to the PS1. Being 5'7", the drop of my PS1 large's strap is several inches too short to rest comfortably at my hip.

    However, if you're more likely to carry it shoulder and use it for more formal/dressy occasions, I'd say go for the PS1. Firstly, it's much more structured and tends to keep its shape when carried. I find the Bal less ideal as a shoulder - it's a wee bit too long when I wear the strap, unless you are very tall. Also it's quite uncomfortable (almost impossible imo) when I wear the handles. But this shouldn't be a problem if you have skinny arms.. unfortunately I don't! So no shoulder for me... :shucks:

    Handheld-wise, I don't think there are significant differences - both have pros and cons. The pro for both is that they look great handheld!!! :tup: The con for the PS1 is that it's quite difficult to close once it's open - the front 'splats' out so you're left standing/balancing on one foot to get the clasp close again. Though it could also be I'm just clumsy by nature! :wondering: As for the Velo, it's pretty deep so it can be quite a bit of a dig to get anything from your bag!

    The bottom line is I think both bags are great!! If you already own a PS, I think the Bal would make a lovely addition. But if you don't already own a PS.. well.. I guess only you can decide which bag to go for! :lol: