Polène handbags


Mar 23, 2016
Does anyone knows if the following bags fit a kindle oasis?
- Polene neuf mini
- Polene numero un mini
- Polene huit mini

Would love to know the length of the opening of the bag! So that i can compare if it fits too.

Does anyone have the new midnight blue or olive colour of the bags? Would love to see the colours in real pictures too!

Thank you so much~!


Apr 28, 2022
My polene dix arrived yesterday to Australia. 5 days to reach Australia. The bag is absolute perfection. This is my fourth purchase from them and I haven’t had a problem so far. Fits all my essentials (keys, wallet, AirPods, and my little black bag of toiletries and iPhone 14 pro)

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Hi there, I'm based in Australia too and just wondering if there were any extra charges for duties/taxes? Thank you! :smile:
Apr 15, 2007
help which one? I originally was just going to get the 8 in taupe but then fell in love with the nine and I feel like I can’t get both in taupe

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I don't have the mini I have the regular size NEUF in the shade TAUPE & I just can't say enough positive
things about the bag. The quality of the leather, details, look & shape of the bag work for me
& the TAUPE can be worn all year long, looks great with neutrals, dark colors & prints.
Not to throw you a curve I also have the CHALK in the regular size which in spite of early signs of
winter, I am delighted to wear that color now. It looks fresh & unexpected
Enjoy whatever you choose