Pochette Metis: empreinte noir or Monogram canvas?

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  1. I thinking of buying the PM bag but I don´t know which is the best decision. Empreinte noir or Monogram canvas?
    I love the look of Monogram canvas. I don´t like the feeling of the strap it´s not comfort at all. Also It often rains there I live and I will be afraid to destroy the vanchetta. The noir empreinte is beautiful but I havn´t tried it on myself so it´s hard to say. Maybe it will be a little dull with a black bag? In other hand it´s a leather bag. What do you think?
  2. The reverse has no vachetta and is care free. It is my favorite of all the PM. Either way they are all gorgeous bags.
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  3. Yes the reverse is also my favorite but impossible to get the hands on in my country.Sp its monogram or empriente
  4. Where do you live? I think it‘s getting better, they are not as hard to come by anymore.
  5. I got the reverse mono and I love it! It is def worth the hunt! If you don’t want to hunt then I guess empriente would be my second choice! I have the felicie empriente in noire and I love the leather feels! Either way good luck on your PM purchase! You’ll love it!
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  6. I was in the same boat as you a few years ago. Decided to go with the monogram canvas. The Vachetta is a little more maintenance. I live in a place with changing weather constantly, so one minute it's sunny, next it's snow or rain. But, I just love the purse overall. I don't think the strap is terribly uncomfortable. But, it can be cumbersome if you load it up too much. The Vachetta on my bag does have spots or imperfections, but I just wasn't careful enough. I would love to have a brand new one again!

    I think the Empreinte version is beautiful as well. I don't think you can go wrong either way...
  7. Perhaps it’s worth waiting for it then - if it is your favorite. If budget allows, perhaps look at a different bag in the meantime (that’s not hard to find!)

    One thing to be aware of with empreinte is that the embossing does soften over time and becomes less pronounced. I still love it I own an empreinte noir bag (not PM) but if you love the deep embossing, worth to be aware that it may not last. I have found it softens perhaps easier in warmer climate and on the side you wear the bag against your body. Could have been coincidence I suppose but it seems logical that would be the case.
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    I think you should hold out for the PM in reverse. It's simply the best combo with the style. Similar to you, I've turned in my regular monogram PM due to the recall, and I was this close of getting a replacement in empreinte noir because I was tired of waiting for the mono to come back in stock. Once I saw the empreinte in person I was so underwhelmed by it as it doesn't add anything to the outfits and like you suspected, it's very dull and boring in person. A week after I checked out the empreinte PM I've decided to stalk the website and on my 2nd day of stalking, I managed to get the reverse and I'll say it looks even better than the regular mono.
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  9. Empriente Noir! It's one of the few PM's that can be dressed up or down. If you're worried about it looking dull, maybe wrap the handle with a bandeau or twilly.
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  10. I would get the noir over the monogram. No worries in the the rain and the empreinte leather is beautiful. Definitely not dull. I have the noir and reverse and love them both.
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  11. I’d get Empreinte noir!
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  12. Noir!
  13. Emp Noir for sure over mono. I don't find the bag dull at all. I love the gold hardware against the black.
  14. Empreinte! It's more elegant
  15. I have the empreinte noir w/ the braided handle & I love it!