Pochette Metis: empreinte noir or Monogram canvas?

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  1. I have the empreinte and the reverse mono PM and my vote is empreinte for sure.
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  2. Empreinte noir !
    So easy to dress up and down, and beautiful. I love it :heart: (also have it in Tourterelle, with is lovely too)
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  3. I’ve also noticed this as well: With the monogram PM the interior is microfibre and with the Empriente PM the interior is fabric. With the vachetta handle for the monogram I’ve seen really cute pictures of people tying a bandeau to protect it and if dresses it up too!

    Whatever you decide I will be looking forward to see!
  4. Mono all the way.
  5. So excited to start using my new mono PM. It really does look beautiful!
  6. Put a twilly or bandeau to protect the vachetta. But the Noir isn’t a dull bag either. Empreinte is also a good weather bag. I don’t worry about the leather being caught in the heavy pouring rain.
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  7. I like both. I think this PM design is simply beautiful. Empreinte gives it an elegance, meanwhile mono is so classic. I own the mono and put a twilly on the handle.
  8. 8818E3E4-BF03-44BA-AB2D-1EB643FA6C58.jpeg I have the empreinte noir, and I love it! It is so carefree and looks so good. I often get compliments when I am wearing it.
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  9. True. They're online frequently. I just bought mine.