PM Reverse or Neo Noe?! If you had to choose ONE

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  1. Hi lovelies,

    This is my first time posting and have a huge dilemma and just wanted your opinions on which is your favorite between two bags: Neo Noe in Black or the Pochette Métis in Reverse!

    Would love to hear your thoughts and preferences.
  2. Pochette metis in reverse!
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  3. Thank you! One I’m leaving towards to as well!
  4. PM Reverse!
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  5. PM Reverse. I hate how Neo Noe sticks out.
  6. Thank you guys. I’m closely edging towards the PM reverse tooo haha
  7. #7 Feb 16, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2020

    I have both bags and wouldn‘t want to miss one of them.
    Both are weather proof, both have this lovely microfibre lining (:heart::hbeat:I am a sucker for this interior!) and both have black leather that practically makes it go with everything.

    I use the Noe for weekend trips and other short travels. Its great to wear on the shoulder and crossbody (I am 170cm) and it works well. I don’t mind the wide bottom (I also have a classic Noe- I just like bucket bags).

    I use the Metis as everyday bag for essentials (wallet, catch-all, keys, tissues etc) I haven‘t used it for travel but assume its too small unless you have an additional bigger bag. I replaced my Neverfull MM with the neo noe. Don’t regret it at all. Because it always bothered me not being able to use the Neverfull as easy bag at a destination ... too big bulky for a city trip etc..

    They both look great and I like them! I‘ll attach some pics! It depends on what you are looking for! Neo Noe is good for carrying a little more and can be transformed from shoulder to crossbody (yes it is not a perfect crossbody-only bag!) and Metis is just the Metis we all love :angel:

    Oh and another thing they share: both have potential glazing issues! :noworry:

    Good luck with the decision! :smile:

    ps: sorry for the quality of the mod shot- I just noticed that after uploading...

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  8. Thank you so much for the detailed review including the lovely shots. I would love to add both bags as well. However for now since I have a neverfull mm I am leaning towards pochette Métis. Probably will end up buying the cute noe in the fall!
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  9. PM reverse. Personally love reverse bags!
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  10. Agreed! The reverse is lovely and love how it only comes in a few pieces. :amuse:
  11. I just purchased a Palm Springs PM in reverse and it a new favorite ! It’s wonderful .. I love the reverse print .. Métis is a perfect crossbody /shoulder bag ! I don’t know much about the Noe bag so the others get my vote .
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  12. I love the Neo Noe, end up getting 5 different colors. I buy the attached handle and can be hand held and also should strap. 3EDA7577-E26A-40C4-BE39-0ADE1E586997.jpeg 15ED89B6-32D9-4AED-8F23-9DA0DDE09701.jpeg
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  13. I also have both and reach for the Pochette metis so, so much more.
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  14. I have both, but tend to use my Neo Noe more. I tend to carry a lot, so the Noe is perfect for that.
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  15. Beautiful! Can I ask where you got the short handles from?