pls help - which wallet?


which wallet shd i buy?

  1. eugenie epi

  2. framboise french

  3. white epi french

  4. pomme french

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  1. planning to buy a new wallet next week. But i am still undecided. Currently already have a pearle vernis koala.

    help me choose a wallet (can't believe I want them all!:sweatdrop:). Will it be:-
    1) eugenie epi
    2) framboise french
    3) epi white french OR
    4) pomme french (no pic)

    many thanks in advance!! :heart:
    eugenie.JPG framboise french.JPG epi white french.JPG
  2. Get the Pomme. It is sucha a hot color!
  3. I have the Pomme French and love's some enabling for ya!
    pomme outside 2.jpg pomme outside.jpg pomme change.jpg inside pomm wallet.jpg
  4. I'd get the Framboise Vernis French wallet before they're all gone.
  5. I would get the Eugenie Epi Wallet! Love the new style .... so classy looking.
  6. I initially bought the Framboise FP and looooooved the colour, but I decided that it's too flashy for me for everyday use. I traded it in for the Damier FP instead, and I'm so happy! I got the Framboise in agenda form, since I still love pink :smile:.

    Anyway, from the ones you listed, other than the Framboise being HOT HOT HOT, I REALLY love the Epi FP! WOW! I think it looks so classy and gorgeous!
  7. eugenie epi!!!!!! To me the Eugenie is the perfect LV wallet

    I love the design. I love the fact it has so many credit card slots and it has an I.D. window. And the dollar bills fit perfect.
  8. I think it really depends on what bags you have and what's more your style. I like them all, lol.
  9. thanks a mil, everyone...

    i'm still torn between Framboise and eugenie...
    rileygirl, you are so kind!!!
    argh!!!!! i just want everything!!!
  10. can i ask whether anyone experience colour transfer for white epi leather

    and which leather is more durable - epi or vernis?

    thanks alot!!!
  11. i have the Eugenie wallet in Monogram. i haven't used it yet, but i think it's the most functional wallet of all. besides the 12 credit-card slots, it has the ID window, bill compartment AND coin compartment
  12. i got the eugenie and i love it. especially when you close it the clasp just slides in and makes this nice 'click' sound. However, ther vernis is nice, but it has color transfer...? My eugenie is epi ivory. It doesnt get dirty that easily and wiping it with a cloth takes out any dirt. :yes:
  13. they're all pretty!! i'd go with either framboise or white epi french purse
  14. I vote for the Framboise FP. The color is TDF!!! Plus, I believe it is already out of get one now before they are gone.
  15. I love framboise...I actually like that more than pomme d'amour. If you had amarante on there though I would've picked that!