Plese Help:Victoria 35 or Lindy 30

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Victoria or Lindy 30 .....and why

  1. Victoria

  2. Lindy 30

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Am in two minds ...i want a bag with function and look ...and am unsure whether to go for victoria 35 or lindy in 30 .Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Did you try both? Do you want them in a special leather? I think especially the Lindy has a very different look in different colours and leathers.

    I vote for Victoria because I think it is more classic.
  3. I really don't know..they are very different. It also depends on how many things you carry in your bag. Both are very nice bags. :smile:
  4. You could stop into a H store & try both on & also place your belongings into them to see which would ideally hold everything you carry daily.Hope this helps.
  5. Well to answer .... I have tried both ....both look nice ,but can buy only one ...and I want in regular leather.... am in my mid 40s ,so want something that suits ...I am 5.3 ,and petite frame.
  6. Victoria -which I personally find to be a more "mature" bag than the Lindy which I think is a nice bag but not one of my favorites.
  7. I am about the same age and size as you (42 and 5'1") and the Lindy is my FAVORITE bag. I love it and carry it every day. Obviously I voted for the Lindy!
  8. Lately I've been loving the Victoria so that's my vote ;)

    I saw one in chartreuse and it gave me goosebumps!
  9. I've recently discovered the Victoria & I have not used my other bags, 8 days straight. It is really under the radar & you can securely zip it up, shoulder it & keep it safely tucked under the arm, perfect for travelling & commuting, holds an incredible amount of my necessities, I use my large extra-sturdy chameleon insert with it & everything is within easy reach. :tup:
  10. very difficult choice. i have both and love both.
    the only negative, for me, about victoria is that it is difficult for me to get over my shoulder with a heavy winter coat.
    lindy- great because- good drop, holds a lot, easy to use and a legitimate hand held and shoulder bag.
    victoria- fantastic because- easy to use, so under the radar, light and just really simple, classy bag.
    very hard choice.
  11. I find Lindy to be fun and young. I love the shoulder strap and the double handles. I have a 34cm etoupe Lindy.
  12. how much is the victoria 35 now im loving this bag too
  13. I voted Lindy.
    I love it very much. It is roomy, fashion, easy to bring particularly in travel. Also you can have two styles to show. Very cool looking!
  14. Definitely the lindy for you...I'm mid 40s and 5'3" and love my lindy. Super functional but very chic. I tried the victoria but it is not as easy to wear on the shoulder and doesn't go as easily from hand held to shoulder held. Lindy all the way!
  15. I have to be honest, the Victoria is one of my dream bags and I would love to see someone do a reveal! I just love how understated it is, and very practical. My vote is the Victoria all the way! (warning you though, if you get it, I'll be camping out here to drool at her! :P)