Please please encourage me right now...

  1. I am trying to be strong right now...but I feel myself weakening. Currently with DH and kids on holiday. Went to see A LOT of Hermes for the past week. I am getting a little frustrated cause that "one" special purse I am trying to find is being elusive. So to let out some frustration me and my SIL went to LV so she can pick up a diaper bag. I hate this...I really do...I am so pissed at myself for being weak. I saw a Le Fab and really liked it. But then I thought about my one special Hermes purse that I am so looking for and have yet to find:crybaby:. My SIL kept telling me "go ahead and get it.." But if I do I will not have enough for my special purse. :sad: I cant talk to DH about this cause before we left I had already told him what I was getting.

    I think for some ladies this is a no brainer...but I feel really weak, disappointed, and VERY impulsive right now. Someone tell me "just wait!". I dont want to get off course and buy something I will regret later.:sad:

    (BTW I am search for a Brown JPG Birkin with GH, so please oh PLEASE Birkin Fairy if you would please grace me with your presence and grant me with this final wish!)
  2. Stay strong, Princess, and wait for the special purse. You'll be so proud of yourself when you do.
  3. Princess, I know what you mean! But, hang in there....don't get the's not that LV would not be a stunning addition and Suhali is very beautiful....BUT IT'S NOT HERMES!

    Don't settle.....I know what it's like to shop....and be disappointed that that one special Hermes is eluding your search! It's frustrating!!

    By the way, WHAT special pieces other than the JPG are you searching for??? Are they in your list above??
  4. I know this feeling all too well! Just take a step back and breath. You don't really want that LV. You need to focus on what you really DO want, which is your special albeit elusive H-bag. ANd think of how worth the wait and sacrifice it will be when you open that big orange box. If you can, go get pictures of the bag you are pining for and put it in your avatar or anywhere else for that matter! Trust me, it really helps in those moments of weakness when you just feel like saying Screw it I want this NOW!
  5. SP, in the end, YOU will be the one who makes the final decision but here are my two cents: from what I've seen, you have a MASSIVE LV and Hermes collection! Why not take time and enjoy the bags you have while waiting for your dream JPG to show up? JMHO.
  6. did you try the resellers boutique? don't they have tons of H store where you are? no sign of the JPG still? patience is a virtue SP! good luck!
  7. the law of averages says that the minute you pay for another bag and thus don't have the funds for the one you REALLY want- the one you really want will appear. so. wait and i'm sure your dream bag will show up in no time!
  8. As someone who often falls under the LV spell I am not much help here but I have to say if the H bag is the one you REALLY want not LV will take away that desire. And you might not enjoy the LV because you know it kept you from getting the H bag, kwim?

    Stay strong!!!:yahoo:
  9. The right one will come, be patient!
  10. Oh, my favorite subject...PATIENCE. I struggle with this too - actually, we all do. When I am feeling this way, I have an affirmation (yes I know its silly, but it always helps me):

    "When I am patient, I always succeed....when I am impatient, I tend to fail."

    If you are patient, you will ALWAYS get what you want.
  11. Thanks so much EVEYONE.:heart:
    I guess I was getting a little frustrated cause I only have 3 days left! Per DH "Buy your purses here and now. Remember it will be the last purchase of the year..OK?" So out of 3 I got 2, then exchanged 1 for another one (had second thoughts about the color). So I am happy with the first 2. Now the last one is a BEAUTIFUL Brown JPG Birkin. The resell boutique I was in contact with prior to us leaving for holiday saidthey had one and would hold it. Damn be my luck when I get there she already sold it! She promised to call as soon as one gets in, but I have to get it right away cause they cant hold them.

    SIL wants to go to LV today, I am going clothes shopping with the boys...she can go by herself today...I dont want to be in there right now:p.
  12. Hang in there, will see that delayed gratification is the best kind! Sending you good vibes...
  13. I have a same problem! I am smacking myself right now...Oh,'s LV, too! (not LV bag, LV RTW clothings for me..:sad: ) You are not alone! I did IMPULSIVE (definetly!) purchases at LV! I spent about $10000 on LV RTW clothings, and now I am smacking myself badly! I could buy another Hermes RTW with the same amount of money....:crybaby: I have NO idea what I was thinking when I bought them...I am pulling my hair:hysteric:...
  14. ^^:wtf:
  15. Yes we have gone to tons of resell boutiques (even the "all so well known one":graucho:). I see mostly black, white, and BJ. The reseller I was working with sold the brown one before I got there :crybaby:.