Please identify this jewelry

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  1. Thank you!:flowers:
  2. Hi, i'd like to require your super knowledge to help me identify this ring, or at least what it represents.. I always thought it kinda looked like Jesus face.. But i'm not sure. It was given to me by my grand mother, she told me that she found it digging in her garden. I know that it's gold by the "10k" on it but that's all I know. It's really tiny, it only fits on my pinky.
    THANKS for the help! 20190515_133837.jpg 20190515_133819.jpg

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  4. The Medusa head brings protection to the wearer as it symbolises foresight. Medusa was cursed (by Athena) and anyone that looked at Medusa directly was turned to stone but Perseus used his shield as a mirror so he could see where she was so he could cut off her head (and used it as a weapon for his own ends). Pegasus sprang from her head when it was cut off (and where would Hermes lovers be without such a winged horse? How would Hermes voyage to and from the afterlife without his steed?). Jewellery with the Medusa head (and I suppose all those Versace buttons) are in themselves symbols for the shield of Perseus.
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  5. Hi everyone, I found this brooch at home, But I can't tell which brand since the stamp seems very blurry. And I want to know the pearl is real or not. Thank you for helping me. DSC03846.jpg DSC03848.jpg DSC03851.jpg
  6. It looks like costume jewellery to me, there's no discernible gold markings besides the makers mark. They're should be a gold mark that says either 14k, 18k, 750, 550 etc...
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  7. What is this?

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  8. Looks like a cable chain?
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  9. Not sure what you's a necklace chain.
  10. Does anyone have a good starting point for finding someone to authenticate Native American jewelry? I inherited some jewelry from my grandmother -- and much of it is Native American (or Native American style, at least). I feel confident SHE believed it was authenticate, but I'm not sure. There is one pendant, in particular, that I'd like to find out more about and authenticate, if possible, but since I don't have much information (like an artist name or tribal affiliation) it's been tough going. If anyone can point me to a general source who could possibly help me narrow this down, I'd appreciate it!
  11. Looks like a chain of a pendant or necklace.
  12. There is a thread about Native American jewelry. Perhaps someone in that thread could help you or refer you to help? Here it is: