Please identify this jewelry

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  1. this is frigging gorgeous!!!
  2. Thank you SophiaLee. I love it also. I just wish I had more opportunity to wear it.
  3. Does anyone know what watch is the Queen of Bhutan wearing? I would have though it looks like Philip Stein but apparently it's not. TIA!
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  4. Does anyone know where I could find another set of earrings like this
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  5. BTW found it! It’s from Sarcar Geneva. The model is Octavia and it’s gorgeous IRL!
  6. Can anyone tell me what brand and model this ring is? TIA.
  7. Could be chimento or Pomellato. Quite a few Italian jewellery houses do this design. Bvlgari has done it before. Google pave chain link ring or diamond chain link ring - lots of images out there. Hope this helps
  8. Thanks!!
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  9. Maybe it’s qeelin? Here is a picture of a couple of their watches. :flowers:
    BD2AA94A-877C-4A99-936E-C85FCFEF91F7.jpeg C6287416-8014-4A78-8CF4-4D4D49CA65A0.jpeg
  10. Check out Shay Jewelry (based in US) I’m fairly sure it’s their ring :smile:
  11. Hi! Is it possible for anyone to help me ID this necklace? I purchased it years ago from The Outnet I think and I remember the original retail was somewhere around $600 - $800. The piece isn't signed and I can't find my email confirmation from the original order and I am trying desperately to figure out the designer!! Thank you so much!
  12. Thanks!!
  13. Can someone please help identifying this brand?

    Thank you!
  14. I can't figure out what the "e" means. I have done searches here and google, but I can't find it. I am worried that it is plated. Thanks!:flowers: IMG_0378.JPG IMG_0382.JPG
  15. I know you posted this quite a few days ago, but that "e" appears to be a maker's mark. Your ring is 14k gold.
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