Please identify this jewelry

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  1. Hello :smile:

    I'm so in love with this ring, I even asked the woman where it was from. But it was a gift so she didn't know.

    She did tell me that it was made of rose gold, set with black diamonds.

    Can anyone shed any light on it? Or a better place I could ask? I wasn't sure where to post this.

    Thank you so much in advance.
  2. Have you tried a reverse lookup on the image?
  3. This hallmark is on a sterling gold plated necklace. I used a microscope to blow up the hallmark.
    necklace.JPG necklace1.JPG
  4. That's a very unique looking hallmark! I hope someone on the forum can help you. Would you be willing to post a picture of the entire piece in case someone can associate the styling with a brand?
  5. Maybe try pricescope? Ton of info about all kinds of jewelry there.
  6. The yellow part of the ring tested positive for 22kt, the white part of the ring test positive for 18kt, has some sort of japanese? (I think) hallmarks.
    DSCN0207.JPG DSCN0208.JPG DSCN0209.JPG
  7. This is a closeup of the hallmark.
    ring japa.jpeg ring japane.jpeg
  8. That looks like something from Eddie Borgo.
  9. Could they be from the brand Laurel Elliot dvb new york? I know that they're known for their sterling silver jewellery.
  10. That reminds me of Miansai.
  11. Hello everyone
    I was hoping someone could help me to identify this piece whether it’s authentic and also the designer?
    There is a heart shaped engraved on the back with the letters LES inside the heart
    The box just says LS
    I love the blue colour of this piece and would love to acquire another in rose gold. This piece is white gold according to the 750 hallmark I assume
    It’s such a pretty sparkly piece
    I don’t know whether it’s diamond or if it’s costume as it was a gift
    I’m allergic to costume jewellery and I’ve been wearing this for at least a year with no issue. I wear it 24/7 never take it off
    Thank you :smile:
    7498C1F4-B72B-409D-B8A2-E0702BE182CA.jpeg 7E2C8E28-3451-4392-856F-920ECD6BD20F.jpeg C00667E5-A3BD-44D7-9645-ED328BF5D835.jpeg F91456B6-8E08-4058-863A-AAD62B2CED0F.jpeg
  12. I think that's Lorraine Schwartz.
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  13. Definitely Lorraine Schwartz.
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  14. Thank you both :smile:
    Do you know whether it’s authentic or do you know how I could tell if it’s authentic ? I don’t know whether these have fakes made of them or not .