Please hold good thoughts - I am hoping to adopt again.

  1. I have had my heart broken so many time since last April and I am still grieving.
    This morning, I am working from home, and have been thinking about all the cats I have lost and how happy they were when they realised they had nothing more to worry about - except being first in the queue at feeding time.
    And, although I am tearful this morning, I've been thinking how, as much as it hurts me, the pain is worth it. I really had planned to give up on adopting the Special Needs cases, at least for a while.
    But - and knowing I am going to be back here posting about my broken heart all over again - I have applied to adopt this little one, who is desperate for a Forever Home to end his days loved and at peace.
    Figaro is seventeen years old, and going deaf.
    I've already been accepted as a potential parent but just waiting to fill the form out and need good thoughts sent out that this will work out - if it's meant to be.
    Here he is.....

  2. Good luck!! I hope this works out for you, that cat needs a home and you can provide the perfect one. Not many people (including myself) would take on a cat that may not be around for much longer, you have my admiration.

    Keep us posted :smile:
  3. U truly have a heart of gold. Any animal will be pleased to have u care for them especially this poor cat who is so old. God bless u!
  4. He looks like a sweetheart. You're very kind to take in an older cat. I'm sure he will be very appreciative! I have had cats live to 20 & 21 so I hope you will have a few years with him yet :smile:
  5. Such a sweet little face. You are truly a very special person. He would be lucky to spend his remaining time with you.
  6. I hope the little ol' man can come home soon. :hugs:
  7. You are truly special. Figaro is very lucky that he will have time to be loved by you.
  8. Why on earth is he up for adoption at 17?!?!

    I truly think this is your calling, even if you may need to take a break from time to time. You have given a number of cats a wonderful final home and really, sometimes, that's all you can do. Your love seems to know no bounds and I am 100% positive that each of those cats has spent their last days happy as they could possibly be. Good luck with Figaro!
  9. Awww, he looks adorable! I have a deaf cat at home, and as hard as you think it's going to be (he won't be able to hear anything, sounds around him, you calling his name, etc) it really isn't. Anyone who comes over doesn't even know that he is deaf until I tell them. Best of luck, you have a very good heart. :smile:
  10. Oh I am so excited for both of you! :smooch:
  11. What a sweet baby and what a beautiful heart you have, clevercat. Please post more pictures of Figaro when he comes home to you.
  12. Clevercat -- your post brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU for trying to give the little guy a home. I know how hard it must be to emotionally invest so incredibly much to a sweet creature when you are still hurting from other kitties in your past that you have loved and lost.

    Please keep us updated! :smile:
  13. clevercat, you always have my best wishes and prayers for adopting your special babies. You are one in a million.

    We have adopted several senior dogs with problems that make them *unadoptable* and have been rewarded with love beyond measure from them.

    Good luck to you and this handsome gent.

  14. My first thoughts exactly.
  15. Lovely news, I hope all goes well for you and Figaro, he will be a lucky boy to go home with you.