Please hold good thoughts - I am hoping to adopt again.

  1. Oh, thank you for all the good thoughts, everyone - please keep them coming!
    No news is good news, right? I have been checking my phone and emails like someone possessed......waiting to hear back.
    I am soooo impatient, I know.
  2. you are so kind!
    taking in these kitties who need extra TLC and knowning that you may be mourning their loss before too long
    Bless you for your unselfishness.
  3. Hugs. U really have a good heart! This world need more people like you.
  4. Good luck to you, clevercat!
  5. Good luck!! Such an adorable cat!! I can't understand such an old cat is up for adoption, unless someone died- that's sad!! But thank god there are people with a big heart like you :smile: :smile: :smile:
  6. Wishing you the best, he's a handsome little guy! The world would be a much better place if there were more people like you. Bless you!
  7. I recently readopted! I initially bought him (a Yorkie named Xavier) for my Mom, but ended up keeping him for my self. Love him to pieces already! I still miss my old doggie, but it's great bringing new love into your life!

    Wish you the best!
  8. Just off the phone and it looks like he'll be here on Wednesday night - :dothewave:
    And guess what....there may be another little ol' guy right behind him.....
  9. I'm so glad you were able to open your heart again. I always think the newcomers - they're not a replacement for those who have passed but they really do help the healing process.....
  10. :woot::woohoo::yahoo:
  11. congrats clevercat!

    our local shelter was looking for a couple foster homes for a few of their animals. one was a kitten i wanted to foster it soooooooooooo bad. i lost dotcom in october. if cost wasnt an issue then i'd have another one already as the shelter also has a few that i'd be really interested in (a really pretty himalayan and a munchin). i currently have 3 cats.
  12. That is great news! I can't wait to hear all about the new guy(s)? Who is this other old guy??
  13. I have been thinking about the other old guy all weekend. He is the absolute image of Lupe. His name is Dylan and he is sweet sixteen. Sadly his owner has dementia and can no longer look after him. So I made the enquiry today and if they let me, I'll adopt him too.
  14. This is great news!

    Do the guy(s) come with pictures?

    We need more pictures you know... :lol:
  15. MOAR KITTEHS?????? :woot: