Please help with my new rose gold small love?

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  1. Hi everyone! I just got the rose gold small love bracelet and now I am having second thoughts about rose gold vs yellow gold.
    I don’t have any yellow bracelets to compare to, except this notch on my H behapi bracelet (slightly diff than Cartier YG). But how do you think the rose gold looks on my skin tone? Would yellow look better?
    I’m very indecisive so any inputs are appreciated! Thanks!
    E37778C4-89BF-4CD4-B454-3791931BB49E.jpeg F6BA19B2-544F-4FF6-ABCF-6DA7C6CC27AC.jpeg FCC0C8FA-CD1F-4458-A49B-FD5511BE0C5B.jpeg
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  2. I think they would both look nice on you. The best way to nip this indecision in the butt would be to go to the store and try the yellow gold one side by side.
    I don’t think you’ll be at peace until you try both.
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  3. I think the rose gold looks lovely on you but I agree with blondissima777. You need to go back and try on the yellow gold to be sure. It will be worth it for the peace of mind.
    During the summer I bought a rose gold JUC while on holidays. That evening when I returned to our apartment and tried on the bracelet I began to doubt my purchase. I started thinking 'oh I should have got the white gold instead'. I'm normally very decisive about purchases, so I didn't wear the bracelet and considered my purchase for a day or two. In the end I decided to return to Cartier and try on the white gold version side by side. Instantly I knew I wanted the white gold!
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  4. Rose gold seems to compliment/match your skin more, it appears you have pinkish undertone or maybe just the picture. But yellow gold looks nice on you as well.
  5. It seems fine to to me but let me tell you my story. My first Love was a rose gold bought in Madrid, at the time I tried on both the rose gold and the yellow, in fact I went into the store to buy the yellow and spent about 30 minutes trying to decide which one. I finally decided on the rose gold, the next day I was on the train headed away for the weekend and I agonized the entire 3 hour ride about how when I got back to Madrid I was going directly to Cartier to exchange it. As the weekend went along I fell in love with it because I saw it more and more and in various different lightings. So I just panicked, If you did try on the yellow gold at the store and decided on rose gold then maybe you are just going through what I did...if you did not try on the yellow gold then go back and try it on and bring someone you trust because if not your mind will never be settled. And if you don't have anyone to bring ask an objective other customer in the store not the SA....good luck but it looks beautiful on you.
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  6. Wonderful story... I am so glad that when I purchased my Love bracelet way back then... there was no other choices.
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  7. Yeah, seriously. I wish there weren't so many choices. Lucky, I'm firm on yellow gold.
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  8. Thanks!! I think I will do that... I’m annoyingly indecisive but since this is bugging me so much I don’t think I’ll be at peace until I do the side by side comparison.
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  9. Yes! I bought it while I was traveling at a duty free and I haven’t worn it yet except just to try it on. But the store that I went to didn’t have the yellow gold so I couldn’t compare side by side. I’m hoping now that I’m back in the US, they will let me do an exchange from another country... thanks for your inputs!
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  10. Thank you! That’s a great story! I bought it at a duty free store and they didn’t have the yellow gold but the price was much cheaper so I bought the rose gold! Now that I am home I think I will go to my local store to try it on and if I like the yellow gold hopefully they will honor my exchange even though I purchased it in another country! I called Cartier and they said it was up to the discretion of the SA so fingers crossed! Thanks again for your inputs!
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  11. I concur Grande Latte (I love the handle you use... very clever... I am sure there's a story behind the name Grande Latte... if it's too personal, you don't have to share... but still curious... lol) to stay on topic... I think I gravitate more towards yellow gold because I like the way it pops off my skin tone... I love white gold, but it truly washes out on my skin tone and doesn't compliment me or my style... plus my ego demands yellow gold... white gold always gets confused for silver... never platinum or even white gold. Silver isn't bad, but if I am spending in the upwards of thousands, I will feel some kind of way if my jewelry was confused for hundreds (maybe it's just what I believe) My Wife did compliment a friend of ours wedding ring... she said " I love your sterling silver wedding ring" I cringed and so did our friend... my Wife just didn't know and didn't realize that she offended... Yeah, I know... I have to work on
  12. you'll know... worst case scenario... by the gold one too... lol. It's all Love.
  13. I’m very indecisive as well, so I completely understand you ;)
    You won’t be the first or last walking through the door with that ‘problem’ lol
  14. You're right white gold is often mistaken for silver! In fact yesterday a colleague admired my WG Love and JUC - "I love your silver bracelets, they're so unusual!". LOL! Can you tell there's no Cartier in my country!! That suits me though as I wear a lot of chunky silver jewellery and happier flying under the radar without colleagues knowing I 'm wearing thousands of euros on my arms! It's tricky enough with my bags!

    I love the look of YG on others but it truly looks atrocious on my blue-white Irish skin! I like rose gold too but Cartier rose gold looks very orange on my skin for some reason. Hermes RG, on the other hand, is stunning.
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  15. Best of luck deciding and who knows you may not need an exchange if you decide to stick with the rose gold! Let us know the outcome!
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