Please help with my new rose gold small love?

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  1. I prefer yellow gold.
  2. Funny... It's good that you have a great sense of humor and don't mind.
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  3. I concur... inquiring minds want to know. lol
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  4. Looks wonderful... I mix Hermes with my YG and it works.
  5. I bought my rose gold VCA Alhambra pave earrings almost a month ago and still undecided and have not worn them out.
    Still debating between the blingy white gold which I initially bought and the rose.
    I know I don’t want yellow.
    I agree— we do not need so many choices
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  6. Yep, and on your situation on debating between blingy white gold and rose gold.What speaks to you and what do you answer to ? One will win over the other. Funny, you brought out something that I failed to realize about myself in my life... I always used to ask for commitment in relationships, dated many and never got it... but I could never commit on purchases one way or the other. Once I committed to what truly speaks to me and what I decided to answer to, I met my Wife.
    Thank you for the free therapy. lol
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  7. I love the rose gold.

    Would love to get the rose gold thin love bracelet. Hubs got me the regular rose gold love bracelet for Christmas. Would be a perfect little stack.
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  8. Yes it would be
  9. True...
  10. Just to update everyone, I tried on the yellow gold for the first time and I just absolutely LOVED it. It just felt right the moment I put it on so I had to exchange it and I’m so happy I did! It didn’t look much different in the store but I just felt it looked better with my skin tone. Thanks for everyone’s help!!
  11. Yay! Congratulations- it's lovely!
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  12. very nice... so proud.
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  13. Both are good on you
    But most important you have to be happy wearing
    Congrats on your yellow quest