Please help with my maltese's eyes

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  1. my baby keeps getting the brown stain around his eyes. i clean and clean but to no avail. what can i do for this?
  2. I think that is a fairly common issue. I know my dog gets some discharge that is a brownish-clear and sometimes just clear and the vet says it is fine and that his eyes are healthy/no infection. I notice that a lot of dogs w/ light fur just have a more visible issue. I really don't know if the origin of the issue though.
  3. i've heard that it is normal with light colored dogs to get a discharge
    however, it could be allergies to food or dyes. i've changed his diet to wellness now. hopefully that will change it. i'm now looking for a treat with no coloring. any suggestions
  4. does it look like this???


    my parents have tired cleaners, changed diets etc etc etc and it hasnt gone away

    this is my other dog right after she got back from the groomers and the color has stained her fur as well ...


    At this point we have stopped going crazy because in 6 years they have never had an eye infection and I really dont want to put them through having to bleach or treat the fur around the eyes to get rid of the red. I did find this link though that references specificallly maltese

    I hope it helps :yes:
  5. Wow, that link has so many potential reasons for the staining! My light colored short haired dog doesn't have that staining. I think genetics has a lot to do with it as one sees so many small dogs having the staining, larger dogs have it much less often.
  6. i use wipes daily for my pup. my groomer also says that spring water keeps it from staining
  7. have you tried Angel eyes? I have used it on my Shih tau and it took it away. I don't even use it anymore and the stains have not returned. My vet says its totally safe. I bought mine at dogbar but petsupermarket carries it now. I am on my phone right now but later today I will post before and after pics.
  8. thank you so much. i'd appreciate that.
    sorry that you're a ban...those visa's are sure evil aren't they?
  9. Yes they are!! I'm trying to convince my bf I need another speedy lol.

    I attached the before and after pics. The before was at a dog park so he's pretty dirty but you can see how bad the staining was. The after pic was recently. His coat has stayed really white even though I haven't used it in over 6 months. I tried everything before I finally tried Angel eyes. I even tried the Eye envy...but that didn't work.

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  10. I second the Angel eyes. I have a maltese too. Alot of people with malteses used to come up to me and say they used Angel eyes on their maltese to get rid of the tear stains.

  11. it's great if your bf indulges you with a purse pleasure now and then. my bf refuses to ever ever buy me a bag. he says i don't need anymore:sad:


    :tup: that is a difference indeed. i'm going to get that stuff. it doesn't sting them right?
    also what is the best brush you use to brush them. i have one of those plastic bristle brushes but i feel that the bristles are large and open in between. i also have one of thos metal mesh wire ones and i feel that is too harsh for my dog's skin.

    any advice on that?
  12. Did you call the breeder? I hope you bought your puppy for a reputable show breeder. The breeder is always the first person to call to ask for advice regarding health issues. Next, how old is your malt? he/she may be teething, in which case, Angel Eyes (Tylan) is not going to work. Just have to wait it out until the dog stops teething. If your dog is not teething, do try Angel Eyes but u have to cut out the already stained hair first and watch for new ones to grow back in. Be consistent w/ the Angel it daily for 2 weeks. Are you feeding from a bottle or bowl? Sometimes bottle feeding is better for bearded breed dogs. Good luck to you!
  13. Angel Eyes in ingested w/ food. it does not sting. I like Chris Christensen brushes for a maltese.
  14. ohhhh

    duh...i did not know it was something you put in the food. okay i'm going to try this.
  15. if your malt's hair is long enough, try to tie it up b/c sometimes their bangs irritate their eyes and it makes them tear more. use a baby toothbrush and wet it w/ warm warm and gently clean the dog's problem areas (where u see the stain) then dry it off w/ a dry towel. do that daily. but u probably should cut out the problem areas before u use angel eyes. bc if u dont, u wont tell the difference..u know? Eye Envy is TOPICALLY applied while Angel Eyes is ingested. Just be consistent once u administer Angel Eyes..dont give up after a few days, just gotta keep w/ it. PM me if you have more questions. Good luck!