please help with edith

  1. I have an edith on hold, and I have been going nuts on trying to decide what size to get. I am 5'3" and tiny, and I rarely ever wear heels. The biggest bag I have ever owned was a medium paddy. Should I get a small edith, or a medium. I am worried that the medium will be too big, but I have only seen a small and a large edith in real life. Anyone around my size have a picture holding a medium edith???:confused1:
  2. I am probably about the same build as you and I just received the regular Edith satchel today(which is probably the meduim size) and its prefect. Not too small and not too big.....

    I have heard the small ones are REALLY small and the white one's leather is apparently not great. Very stiff!
  3. wow is that the wiskey? looks great:tup:
  4. Yes it is whiskey and I very much recommend this colour....its fabulous in real life!
  5. I a 5'6" and very curvy, and the regular Edith works well on me.

  6. I'm 5'2 1/2" (gotta get that extra 1/2 inch in), and I use the Medium Edith. I think it's the perfect size, especially if you like your bags on the bigger size.

  7. A couple of us gals are modeling Ediths here:
  8. Such a great bag I don't think you can go wrong with the medium edith!!