Please help me decided! Chanel trendy cc or LV capuccines bb

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Chanel trendy cc or LV capuccines BB

  1. Chanel

    44 vote(s)
  2. LV

    30 vote(s)
  1. Hey everyone. I'm looking to buy a classic black top handel bag and I'm torn between the chanel trendy cc and LV capuccines bb

    They are both stunning and timeless, I like how the logo of the capuccines bag is more understated, but I love the look of trendy cc too.

    Please help me decided!!

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  2. I am not usually a fan of LV but I love that one and I do not like that style Chanel. I will probably be in the minority though.
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  3. Capucines without a doubt. Such a gorgeous, classic bag.
  4. I have both and they are gorgeous, classic looking bags. If I could only choose 1 of them it would the capucines. In my opinion, it’s LVs best bag currently in the market.
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  5. I just posted the same question a couple days ago in the LV Capucines club as I am having the same debate! So glad you posted this!
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  6. I’ve been researching crossbody bags aside from minis and came across the trendy style and fell in love with it. It’s classic with a twist. Both bags are beautiful and so different. I was deciding on the Chanel 19 or trendy and wound up with both. I feel you might do the same...good luck hun
  7. I agree with you.
  8. Not to make your decision more challenging, but, the hermes garden party size 30 is also similar in style and price... it’s also understated but luxurious with a great long term resale value.
  9. Both will hold value. But Chanel is a better investment in my opinion. And slightly more classier.
  10. I recently bought a picotin 18 in the black and gold, now wanted something a bit dressier. I love the garden party in the etoupe tho, so simple and elegant.
  11. chanel 19 is beautiful too, but I want something a bit more structured
  12. will definitely check out your post too :smile:
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  13. Both the LV and Chanel are different enough to own both. That’s what i meant when i said you’ll prob wind up getting both styles eventually. ESP if you have a real hard time picking. I was deciding on the 2 Chanel styles for atleast a month. Got the 19 first. But still the trendy haunted me. Then i bought that just last week and glad i did because they really are different enough to keep both. I feel for you!! Believe me, it really is a struggle. Keep us posted on your decision. I’m eager to see which you choose!! Go with the one you look at more haha
  14. Chanel. The lv just doesn't do it for me :sad:
  15. I agree with the above!!

    I vote for the trendy cc