Please help me decide...

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Which to buy first?

  1. vernis zippy coin purse

  2. empreinte key pouch

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which to buy first: vernis zippy coin purse or empreinte key pouch?
  2. Vernis Zippy coin purse...I love that...
  3. Zippy coin pouch!
  4. Zippy coin purse.
  5. I don't have any vernis piece but they are gorgeous. So I vote for the Vernis Zippy Coin Purse. 🙃
  6. Empreinte
  7. Empriente key pouch! Delicious leather and slimmer profile
  8. You can fit so much more in an empriente pouch! Start with that.
  9. Empriente! Vernis is pretty but dark Colours show handprints, and lighter Colours get Colour transfer very easily.
  10. Empreinte key pouch!

    I wanted a vernis zcp too at the beginning but went for empreinte zcp, now I want empreinte key pouch :biggrin: it's the best monogrammed leather hehe
  11. Empriente.
    It can double as a mini wallet, can store quite a bit, and it can be attached to your keys for the days you don't feel like carrying a purse around.
  12. I like the key pouch but I vote for the coin purse.
  13. Lol, it's about half and half which is exactly how I feel. Maybe I should just get both 😉
  14. I admit I don't have the coin purse but the empreinte key pouch is my favorite LV piece.
  15. I prefer the empreinte coin purse so I vote empreinte key