Please Help Me Decide!

  1. Which one of these toggle bags do you all like? I love the orange (SA says it's pompei, kind of a burnt orange), and it's a small bag so some kick is nice, but do you think it's versatile enough? Are there any colors you wouldn't carry it with or would you just go for it? I want to use this bag it in the evenings too so is black or cream a better choice?

    toggle baguettes_1_1.JPG
  2. I like the black one... its a very versatile color for day or night.
  3. I have never seen this orange in person, but in such a small bag, it would be an exclamation point to your outfit. If you are using it as an evening bag, I would say go for the bright color. I have this bag in magnolia and I LOVE it!
  4. I really like the black for me. The only reason I'm not crazy about the orange is because I look awful in anything orange. I say, go with what you love and feel good can't go wrong doing that! :smile:
  5. I am a big fan of wearing orange and say go for it! Otherwise, I have to say I like the cream color. Of course, you can never go wrong with black...

    I know my comment really helps :rolleyes:
  6. I like the black most. That orange is beautiful too - FYI I have a small leather bag in orange but I find it difficult to match my outfits, so it depends on your wardrobe I think...

    Does that style come in Carmine? :idea:
  7. ^^^ my thoughts exactly.
  8. ^^^ITA
    Are your evening outfits mostly black or dark? Orange or any bright color would give it some "pop", as my niece says. Otherwise, I'd go with black. If it comes in Carmino with the fall things, that is definitely the color I'd buy. Carmino is TDF.
  9. I am dying to see this bag in carmino! It is such a versatile little bag.
  10. Thanks everyone for all you thoughts! I agree that carmino is the Fall color to lust after! I think I may get this little cutie in black and wait for the carmino to come out in this bag or the iron bag, which is also extremely cute! I just love this style and think like those of you who have it, that it's extremely versatile!
  11. My vote's for the cream! :p

    It's so cute!!
  12. Nymph, I know, I know, that color is pretty too! But would you have to match shoes to that? I usually do with my light bags...BTW, that's a Fall color, it's kind of a butter yellow.
  13. I like the orange color alot. But I would go with the black because I love the detailing on it alot. Also I agree with everyone else that black would be alot more versatile, and is more of a classic color. Good luck!
  14. That would be Blonde.
  15. Either the Blonde or the Pompeii. Find the black boring even though it has some designs on it.