Please help me choose between these neverfull mm; rose ballerine or beige interior

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  1. Hi all! I finally got myself a damier azur piece after almost a decade of avoiding it due to my fear of it being high maintenance
    I got myself a neverfull mm
    I’m choosing between rose ballerine vs beige interior.
    Which should i choose?
    I like them both, no feeling of preference towards any of the 2 options...
    I am 40 years old with 2 young kids.
    I work in a professional field but will likely only rarely bring it to work and most likely use it for casual wear like errands, shopping, etc
    Not sure if 40 is too old for pink lol!

    I feel the beige interior is more classic and style will likely be timeless
    However, the rose seems so fun and happy and it seems LV has been moving towards colorful lining these days

    what do you all think?

    Pls help me choose...

    Thanks you all!!

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  2. RB for sure!
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  3. I’m not much help because I love the look of the pink (and the red/magenta/pink linings of the other neverfull canvases) but personally I own all neutral lined bags. I do think the neutral makes it a bit more mature/classic styled. That said I don’t think it is immature to have pink at all! If you wear more neutral clothing then maybe do pink, but if you like to wear colorful outfits I’d go more neutral.
  4. I’d choose the pink, I’m at the same age as you and I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I feel myself still young and I’m going to use pink even if I’m 100 years old, so I just can’t see any age restrictions with colors. :amuse:
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  5. The beige is more classy, but gets dirty SO FAST.
    Perhaps it will be easier with RB.
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  6. I am significantly older than you but I chose the RB lining for one of my Neverfulls and I love it. I think it's just a personal preference, definitely you're not too old for the pink lining if you like it. Have fun choosing, both are beauties.
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  7. Beige.

    I don’t think the RB interior looks great on any of the LV canvas prints.
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  8. I think the rose ballerina is very pretty.:heart: I would get that one if I were to get the DA NF. Good luck in your decision. :smile:
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  9. RB! This combination is wounderful, I had it and sold it for the Tahitienne, but regretted that I sold it. And I‘m 42
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  10. I vote for RB especially if it brings you joy.
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  11. The RB is just so pretty! Who cares how old you are, if you love it!
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  12. Another vote for RB.
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  13. Colors do not have age limits! Look at the Queen of England. If it is good enought for royalty, we all can wear it.
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  14. Pink is ageless! I vote RB!
  15. Rose Ballerine is so fresh and goes so well with the DA. I can't get enough of this combo.
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