Please help! I'm a newbie to Fendi handbags! Question about!!!

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  1. I love this fendi gunmetal handbag that is on retail for $1800 dollars and plus tax at the the FEndi boutique. However, I found it on for 1400 including shipping. Have you ever shopped at bluefly? How was your experience? Did it come with everything including the authenticity card, dustbag and everything it suppose to come with? Also, are the bags new and NOTUSED that come from

    thanks you so much! :heart:
  2. Hi jlee! My wife got a few bags from bluefly, and each of them came in pristine condition with all the usual accompaniments (sleeper bag, authenticity card, etc). Oh, and if that's the Fendi B bag patent leather gunmetal grey bag (I'm really embarrassed to know this), I'm pretty sure bluefly is out of it. We just ordered (and received) it from the Las Vegas Bellagio Fendi boutique because the bluefly link said "out of stock" after it was clicked. Sorry! It's a great bag, though (she loves it even more than her beloved spybags) and $1400 is the best price you're likely to find for a brand new one. If they have it in stock and you really want it, I'd reccommend them!
  3. umm lolz! Oh gosh, I hope they still have one in stock! umm when did you just clicked on the bag link in blue fly? I think they still have one bcuz its in my cart. Gosh these things sell fast, don't they? Well, she's very lucky to have a loving husband like you, i bet most guys out there won't let their ladies buy expensive bags. lol. Even if its not in stock, thanks for replying tho!
  4. I have bought a spy from bluefly and it was defiantely authentic. Were you able to get the bag?
  5. Do a search of the forum. Bluefly has had a good track record with Fendi purchases.
  6. Last year, I ordered & received an authentic Fendi Spy from Bluefly & last week, they sent me a FAKE Fendi tote bag. Just know what authenticity markers to look for & inspect your bag when you get it. I also got a fake Balenciaga from Bluefly. If you do a forum search, there are many many members here who have received fakes from Bluefly, with many different brands. Just don't assume it's authentic just because Bluefly says so. Luckily, they have a pretty good return policy so you can take a chance on it if you want. Good luck~
  7. Thanks for the heads up! However, do you think its very hard to copy a BBag? I mean because of its two huge large buckles, do you think it would be harded to copy and imitate? that way you can tell the difference between a knockoff bag and a real bag? do they make alot of fake bbags?
  8. You know what?, I don't think i'll ever end up buying the bag because I'm scared of fakes to begin with. But the difference of 500 bucks from the boutique and shopping on is a big difference. Do you guys suggest I take the risk or not?

  9. Sorry to bother you again but how much did you get the gunmetal bbag for? thanks:drool:
  10. No problem :smile: It was $1800, and then about $40 or so for shipping. They told us "you got the last one!", but they may have just been trying to push the sale. Their number is on the Bellagio website. The Wailea (in Maui) Fendi store had the same BBag in black, which is also pretty nice, but Amy loved the gunmetal more. I should still have the pics they sent us if they would help. Good luck!
  11. AG - Lit & I have been authenticating FENDIS for almost a year now, and in the past year I have not seen a single BlueFly FENDI that was a fake....

    So before presuming a handbag is a fake or accusing a major vendor of selling fakes-- it would be helpful if you get this confirmed on the AUTHENTICATE THIS FENDI THREAD:

    In other words, provide proof. Show us photos to prove it is a fake. :yes:

    BTW, I am not saying there would not be a fake sold by BF, just asking for empirical evidence that one has been identified, since I have reviewed so many and not found one to date.

  12. Well, that's good for you but I have been carrying Fendi's for years. I didn't ask because I don't need anyone to authenticate for me. I am very capable of doing it myself with the knowledge I have also. I know with 100% certainty that the bag they sent me was 100% fake. The font on the leather serial flap was totally wrong. Much like Balenciaga & Gucci, the wrong # font is a dead giveaway. So yes, I do accuse Bluefly of selling fakes just a many other members of this forum that have received fake Balenciagas & Chloes, why is it so unbelievable that they would sell a fake Fendi?:shrugs: As I stated earlier, I did receive an authentic Spy & even an authentic Chef's bag from them. Just trying to warn people that there are fakes mixed in with their authentic stock. I had already boxed the bag back up before stumbling on these particular Fendi/Bluefly threads or I would most certainly post a picture of the fake serial #. Not expecting anyone to just take my word for it but just making them aware was my intention.
  13. Well, my opinion of bluefly is partly based on how they handled the entire Balenciaga issue. POORLY. Instead of pulling the bags immediately off the website, they continued selling them. To their benefit, they did start employing the "sticker" policy to prevent fakes of being returned and I hope they addressed their fake source. But nonetheless, I would still caution the buyer. Unless it's from Fendi, I'd say Buyer Beware. Just my two cents.
  14. AG - I have also been carrying FENDIS for several Years, but have only AUTHENTICATED for about a year...which implies a much more intensive examination and a hard drive full of data and photos and spreadsheets, much more than the usual FENDI admirer I think/expect.

    Just an FYI: There are a number of different variations of font used by FENDI on the leather serial number strip. It varies in particular by location/division/site within FENDI that it is manufactured. Even knowledgeable FENDI SAs at the boutiques will tell you that. While some of the fake bags fonts are definitely "off" the mark, usually we look at multiple attributes of the handbag and its identifiers to authenticate a FENDI. In particular, the hologram tag, authenticity card, etc. and how these features relate to one another.

    As I clearly stated, it IS possible that BF sent a fake, I just haven't been provided one shred of PROOF - :confused1: If anyone gets one, I would sure like them to share it with us before boxing and bagging it up. That would benefit us greatly here as a forum seeking a common goal....beautiful authentic Fendi (CHanel, gucci, etc) handbags!
  15. Thank you for all that have answered or post for my question! I actually have seen the gunmetal bbag at the boutique and have felt in love with it. I do realize that since I'm not a risk taker of any some sort, not only bags but in other situations that I should go to the boutique and buy the bag and examine carefully before buying it. I have never been fond of online buying, and the only situation I would buy online is with books and non expensive items not thousands of dollars. I've also check everywhere, even on google that there seems to be controversy in Bluefly purchases and even I've read a post on saks where that person got a used bag. If it was a coach bag, I could care less because of its small price but when it comes to exceed a 1000 dollars, yes it has become a buyers beware.

    Addicts Hubby- thank you very much, you're a very understanding and articulant man. I'm am happy that you could asist me in many of my questions and have them answered. And yes, your wife made a lovely choice in that beautiful gorgeous gunmetal Bbag.

    Acegirl- thanks for the heads up, I know that you've had horrible experiences with bluefly and I will remain cautious when I do decide to make a purchase from them, which most likely will not really happen in the near future.

    Thanks to baglady for the authenticity site and I will take a look at it.

    Balenciaga Love- thanks, Yea I've heard of the horrible situation of fakes with the Balenciaga and the Chloe bags. I hope the site would put an end to the fakes really.

    Kavando- Yea, I'm do research on almost anything before buying! lolz! thanks.

    Weekender- lol, thanks, its good to see that some people have good experiences but to answer your question, since i'm a afraidy cat, i don't think i'll go forward with the purchase on bluefly.