Please help identify leather, color and design

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  1. As requested, this thread is now the official Help I.D. Hermes leather, color and design thread. Cheers!
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  2. It might be Taupe. I have an L stamp Taupe that looks like this.
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  5. Does this look like B saphir or B elec? The leather is swift, and I am told it’s Saphir but I can’t tell. It seems less vibrant than BE, but also brighter than BS (in togo for example).

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  6. Looks like bleu zellige to me? Included photo I found online and picture I took when I was ordering my SO (bleu zellige and electrique).

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  7. Does anyone know the name of this tote? It was listed as Victoria II Cabas clemence leather on Fashionphile. However the Victoria II Cabas I have seen has a zipper closure which this one does not. I love the simplicity of this tote and the quality is amazing. Keeper for sure and would love to know her name. Thanks for your help.

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  8. Victoria Cabas is not the Victoria II. What is pictured is the Cabas, which is an open tote with a zippered pocket inside. Victoria II looks more like a travel bag.

    Edited to add: The interwebs does indeed list the above as Victoria II Cabas. But googling “Victoria II” gets you the zippered travel bag whereas googling “Victoria Cabas” will yield photos similar to yours. So, entirely possible I’m wrong. Perplexed.
  9. Indeed it is the Victoria Kabas. I had one years ago as a work tote.

  10. Victoria II Cabas is the correct name AFAIK. Not sure what you mean about seeing zip closure ones can you post a photo?