Please help identify leather, color and design

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  1. As requested, this thread is now the official Help I.D. Hermes leather, color and design thread. Cheers!
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  2. SO gorgeous in both cases!!
    Oops now I see them different than the colour on mine. Though I so wish it were Azalea.
    Thanks for the very helpful comparison pics
  3. Looks like Togo to me?
  4. The colors are impossible to accurately photograph. I’d say the true color is somewhere in the middle. Here is another photo with Rose Lipstick Chevre included (as well as the newer rose d’ete, which I do not believe was used for larger bags)
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  5. The sides are too slouchy to be mysore
  6. Before buying H on the resale market, I suggest you educate yourself on the various Hermes leather basics.
    This is so obviously not chevre and I would never purchase a bag from a reseller who doesn't know or misrepresents their own inventory. The various leather types not only vary in appearance, structure etc... they also vary in PRICE. Chevre is more expensive than Togo thus the reseller charges more for this type of leather.... I'm pretty sure the reseller knows the difference.
  7. I agree.
  8. Welcome to TPF, Mim. FYI, there are plenty of knowledgeable, helpful guys on here. I’m a guy, I try to be helpful, but I’m nowhere as knowledgeable as some true Hermes experts here.

    That being said, it doesn’t look like clemence to me. Perhaps you can tell us the year of production. That would be a good clue to help narrow down the types of leather and colors.
  9. This picotin lock is described as being in vert veronese, but it looks brighter in color than the bags in that color that I it vert verone instead? 533A2532-AF67-4626-8C14-A230BBC7B44D.jpeg
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  10. Definitely not vert veronese.
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  11. But that’s how it was described on the Hermès website?
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  12. H’s website is notoriously clumsy. The bag pictured looks like Vert Verone which is a current seasonal color being produced in many different bags and SLGs. Vert Veronese is not a current color, to the best of my knowledge. My bet is that whoever purchases this item will receive a Verone bag, but with H, you never know. (Which is why they allow free no hassle returns.)
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  13. Oh wow-I love this color, yep it looks like Vert Verone to me....I am now wanting a Bastia coin holder in this color. I'm on ban island though. Arrgghhh:angel:
  14. Thank you for your replies! My understanding is that vert veronese is more of an army green and vert verone is a bright green with a blue undertone
  15. Can you help to identify the color and leather on this Lakis? Is it mykonos?

    Thanks in advance!!

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  16. Please I.D this Kelly of Kim. :confused1: photos from dailymail. 8055256C-E0F0-47F8-90D6-995266E1C0C6.jpeg 7BA580F0-58E5-4A6B-A084-DA66ED2DAB59.jpeg