Please help identify leather, color and design

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  1. As requested, this thread is now the official Help I.D. Hermes leather, color and design thread. Cheers!
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  2. This looks like Bleu du Nord to me from SS'19
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  3. That makes sense-it's a 2019 bag.
    It looks a lot like bleu jean, but not as grey. I hope I like it . . .
    thanks for responding!
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  4. No trouble! It's a lovely bright, true blue. Look forward to seeing your reveal.
  5. Can someone help identify the design of this bag? TIA

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  6. Gulliver Lorraine Bag
  7. Thank you!
  8. You’re welcome.
    Gulliver is the leather just to be clear.
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  9. Hermes Lorraine
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  10. Hi all,

    I posted this in the identify this model/leather thread but didn’t get any replies so I’m trying here.

    I have my eye on this birkin and the seller is saying it’s Fjord leather but I’m not so sure? From everything I’ve read and re-read Fjord has veins, only very rarely is it veinless and this one has none. What’s also throwing me off is the sheen? I thought Fjord was matte? But I don’t know if older Fjord was different? This Birkin is from 1999.

    I’m thinking it’s something else, maybe Ardennes? I want a bag in Fjord, not Ardennes but I just don’t have the experience or knowledge to be able to tell them apart! I’m going crazy trying to match the grain size, shape, sheen, veins...Please help!

    4EACF3BD-C30A-4928-8A4C-428375809F67.jpeg 8B2E4815-3D51-4B01-97A4-7B279A8F045D.jpeg 0D99A0FD-91C0-4F6D-87F4-4EE2AF23DBA6.jpeg 5A28C33F-F213-4642-9877-A25438370C48.jpeg 9D25DA69-EF4B-4664-AB95-F771B89DABF3.jpeg 86192874-40A8-47A1-89A3-DDBE11F870AC.png

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  11. Obviously not Fjord. That bag is pretty worn and scratched too, so I hope the price reflects that.
  12. This is Vachette Ardennes.
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  13. I agree with @duna, it is Ardennes leather.
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  14. Hi, if possible can anyone tell me about this one? I've been googling endlessly with no luck. Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 9.56.35 AM.png Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 9.56.44 AM.png
  15. This Sikkim Double Sens Maxi is from 2014. I would love help identifying the colors.

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  16. A kind TPF member has identified as Anemone and Bleu Saphire.
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