Please help identify leather, color and design

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  1. As requested, this thread is now the official Help I.D. Hermes leather, color and design thread. Cheers!
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  2. Hi ya'll what size of Kelly is seen on Irina Shayk? :confused1: D5832340-79A6-44BE-B218-9CCAF2995579.jpeg 2BA84A9C-AAE9-465B-8395-AC6CB660D384.jpeg
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  4. Really? I really like this size she has. Is a 28 too big for daily essentials bag?
  5. Hi
    Can someone help identify this bag? It’s a vintage box calf flap bag but can’t find much information on it. TIA!

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  6. It's called the Kelly Lock. I have one too :smile:
  7. Oh thank you! I just picked one up and was trying to figure out what it was called. It’s a beautiful bag!
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  8. 28. the hardware is looking relatively big for proportion because its using the same size HD with size 35 and 32. H only uses smaller hardware for 25
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  9. Thanks, it looks like she has the vintage box calf K. It has a single D ring. Gorgeous bag! She's 5'10" so a K28 might look relatively smaller on her
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  10. Can anyone identify the colour and leather of this lindy? Thanks

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  11. Definitely Clemence leather...looks like either Rose Extreme in low lighting or maybe Rose Pourpre in dim lighting? I could be way off though.
  12. Thank you for your response. I was wondering whether it’s rose extreme or rose shocking as I have heard twice that the latter colour is back.
  13. Hi there everybody! Your pics, convs and comparisons are an amazing school, I find! Thank you :smile:
    I’m new to this forum, and I need to get educated fast, since I seem to have gotten myself a crazy Birkin obsession..

    Perhaps I can ask for your help & expertise with my first acquisition. I bought this on the resale market and the seller didn’t provide any colour or leather.. from colour charts i found online, it looks closest to azalea or lipstick..maybe in clémence?
    Any ideas please? This is a picture taken in natural light.

    And I bought this second one in cumin. Seller stated that it was in chèvre Mysore, but resale platform disagreed (yet gave no hint of the actual material). Would any of you have a clue from these pics?
    Last question: where can I find a list of seasonal colours issued per year?

    Thank you so so much for any help!

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  14. Hello everybody! I’m new to TPF but I always love reading your fun and informative!!

    So I just bought this B35 on the resale market. The seller didn’t know it’s colour or leather..
    From what I found on colour charts and online guides, I have the impression this could be azalea or lipstick, perhaps clémence taurillon..?

    What do you expert ladies think? Can’t wait to hear your opinions!

    Thank you

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  15. I would guess Rose Azalea Clemence. I feel like Rose Lipstick was mainly used on smaller SLGs and Azalea on bags. Here is my Special Order Rose Azalea Clemence B25 for comparison. 8793B4F5-4927-44AE-962F-FA6560AA8559.jpeg

    With flash. 9626F96A-4DAF-497B-9C63-6BDB45539D91.jpeg
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  16. Hi everybody!!

    I need your help..!
    I’m a new H fanatic and have just purchased this B35 cumin cutie :smile: seller says it’s Mysore, resale platform thinks otherwise..
    Id be SO grateful if anybody could tell me what leather is this!
    Thanks also for all the amazing info you always share, and the DIVINE pics ♥️

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