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  1. I recently sold a Sully PM on eBay. I never zipped the bag because it is a bit rough to zip. The buyer wants to return because she says the zipper is very rough. What do I do. I also listed to ask any questions as all sales are final.
  2. If it were me, Id accept the return, and relist it with an accurate description of the zipper problem. And its very possible to fix a rough zipper...

  3. How do you fix a rough zipper?
  4. Did you state in the auction that the zipper was rough? I think someone mentioned using wax on the zipper helps. Even though you state sale is final, she may say the item was not as described and file a dispute with ebay.
  5. Did you indicate that the zipper was rough in the listing? If not - you should take it back because then the item would not be "as described". A request to "ask questions" does not negate the need to list all issues with the item.
  6. The zipper on my Keepall was rough. I bought a cheapo wax candle and ran it along the zipper on each side. I had heard that it would work but was still shocked by how well it worked. It makes a bit of a mess but it's an easy clean up.

    I'd accept the return if the rough zipper was not mentioned in the listing. You are supposed to list any imperfections and this does interfere with the function of the bag. You could offer the wax suggestion but for the sake of good feedback...I'd accept return, do the fix and re-list it.
  7. Wax paper works well (no mess) for stiff zippers. *It's in the plastic wrap, foil, and ziploc section.
  8. I've accepted the return. I will fix the problem and re-list. Thank you all for your help!!
  9. I agree with the others. I'm glad everything worked out.
  10. i would take it back. a few years ago, i had a buyer dispute my Amarante brentwood i sold. she claimed that it had too many "white scuffs" on it- even though i posted pics and stated that it had scuffs. what ended up happening was she got to keep the bag AND paypal/ebay refunded her money. yes, i was able to keep my money, but the untrustworthy buyer got a $1600 bag for free. i was furious.
  11. How is that possible?! On a SNAD claim they usually make the buyer return the item. Why would they give a full refund if you marked the bag as used and it had scuffs? I've only heard this happening when the buyer claims the item is fake. PayPal will tell them to destroy it and of course they don't and get a free bag. That really stinks!
  12. Wow I had no idea! I'm totally going to try this. A couple of the LV items I've purchased had zippers that weren't as smooth as I had hoped. They do break in over time and become that luxurious zipper that I love LV for. At least mine have. But my most recent wallet has a zipper this tougher than I would like. Woohoo, thanks for the advice!

  13. I honestly don't know. the buyer opened the claim, but I disputed it stating that I had mentioned the white marks in the listing AND I even sent her more pictures when she requested them. I assume PayPal wanted to make both parties happy because they could see that I had actually tried to make an accurate listing, but they told me that from the pics the buyer took, there were "more scuffs" than what my pictures showed... they told me that I didn't need to refund her and that they would refund her and keep tabs on her account to see if/when she did it again. BULLS!@#!!!! she was a con artist and she knew what she was doing.
  14. Totally worked. Amazing. I wish I had read the very next comment about using wax paper instead. Big mess, but very pumped on the results!