[Pix] Bag Comparison: Amore Stellina + Campeggio

  1. ok i don't remember which thread wanted bag size comparisons so i'm making a new thread!!

    I guess this post can be for other pix of bags being worn so ppl get a feel for the size n how they look on..nehoo!!

    Amore Campeggio vs. Amore Stellina
    quite a big difference!

    Amore Stellina worn with strap long..and strap short

  2. hey the stellina looks good on one shoulder with a short strap, i had no idea =]

    very cool tshirt btw, i have like a tshirt fetish, i just can't stop buying them.
  3. Oh my god! I really like the campeggio! haha, you can stuff the stellina into the campeggio! Hmm. . .

    Do you have pink walls also? I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  4. OK, now I REALLY want the stellina. but where the heck can i find it. I'm starting to panic!!! someone pm if you have any ideas. THANKS
  5. Is that you? i LOVE your hair! You are a cutie.
  6. thanks for the picture comparison. i also like the stellina with the shorter strap. i just order my paradio campeggio. so i can't wait till i get it.
  7. yay! thanks bubblesung! now im excited to get my stellina! :yahoo: btw. i love your hair! and the hannah montana poster behind you lol!
    gothic_girl: i chargesend-ed a stellina from macys VF today, i dont know how many they had left but you could give them a call!
  8. Thanks for the cute pics! You and your bags are cute!
  9. bubblesung - thanx 4 the pix!! You're so cute!! Both those bags look great on you. Now I see why Amore is your pattern and I understand your Amore fetish! :love: :love:
  10. ahh i just realized that i called Macys Fashion Valley not Vf ooopss sry! the number there is (619) 299-9811
  11. aww I :heart: the stellina... it makes me want one even more... I want to get the pirata one though. I don't know but I think amore just got too pastelly for me after a while of staring at them at the store trying to find the denaro I wanted... I found all the others just not a denaro (except at one place)
  12. i know what you mean about the colors, but what bothers me is all that tan/beige whatever, that's why i want a denaro, doesn't have alot of that color, unlike the zucca for example. :shrugs:
  13. yeah I got the ciao which i :love: and I needed a new wallet and I either wanted this citta rosa I saw on eBay (went for $105+shipping) or a amore on eBay (went for $107+shipping) so I opted to find an amore in stores... and luckily I found a near perfect one for me :smile: still keeping an eye out for that "perfect" one but that's all the amore I think I can handle right now lol
  14. why didnt you just get it? :confused1: if it's a near perfect.

    i really want a denaro but nobody answers me on eBay about shipping, so i can't bid, i saw one PERFECT for me, with the dogs on one side and the moumou family on the other, it's damn cute :cursing:

    ciao sounds good in amore, not alot of beige. do you have pictures?
  15. Thanks for the comparison shots! I love your hair! I didn't think the Stellina looked good with the short strap, but now, my mind has been changed! Thanks!