Pigalle 85

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I just bought my second pair of Louboutins off of Net-A-Porter.com" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter!!


    Does anyone own these? I usually wear a 37 but ordered a size up (that's what Net-A-Porter suggested) and am hoping they fit! I don't really do high heels, a 70 is really comfortable but I'm hoping to sacrifice a smidgen of that for this classic shoe. I was looking for a nude non-patent lower heeled shoe. I wanted to the New Simples but they have the nude in patent and for some reason they only have the 100s around...

    Does anyone have the Pigalle 85s?? Thoughts on them?
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  2. What do you think of them? I'm also thinking of getting these and would love to know what you think of them. Do you have any pics? Thanks!!
  3. Had my eyes on exactly the same :0)

    But after I saw nude in natural leather I decided on the patent leather. I just found a second hand pair - in perfect condition. They are so nice!!! I bougth them TTS and they fit me! On daytime my heel slip a little and in the evening they fit perfect!

    You can see my pictures if you Can find my thread but they are not super good and my pinky toe looks quite squeezed because I have a gel sole in it...

    But I Can recommend....!!! Perfect shoe and perfect hight - though I would wish I could walk in a 120 ;0)
  4. Beautiful! Did you receive them yet? Would like to see mod pics :biggrin:
  5. Yes got them last week ... :0)





    I think the colour is better IRL ...
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  6. I have a pair in black, and I wear them to death! They are in need of some repair, and I desperately want them in this color too.
    Thanks for providing the link.
  7. I recently got a pair of these and found them very easy to walk in, although I felt the 100s are actually more comfy to walk in!
  8. I tried them in store in nude patent. I usually wear a 41, but needed a 41.5 in these. The store only had a 42 and they were too big, so I ordered the same pair as you from net-a-porter. I should get them any day, I'll post pics when I do. How did you like yours op?
  9. Have any thoughts why you find the 100 more comfy??
  10. Yes the patent one.. Nearly bougth the one from Net a porter a while back but then I saw the colour in CL Copenhagen and found that I like the patent better (have a VP nude patent as well)...
  11. Anybody able to chime in on the 85 vs 100? I change my mind daily...I know some might say just get both ;) but I'll only be able to afford one!
  12. I own the 100s, and I like the extra height. They are super easy to walk in and very comfy! But, I also have long, thin feet so I like height to distract from the length hehe.
  13. I have both Pigalle 85s and 100s and they are both TTS for me. The 85s are more comfortable for long term wear; I'm tall so do not worry so much about gaining extra height.
  14. I just got a pair of the 85s in black patent. I found them true to size as well. I haven't wore them out yet, but am so glad to know that they are comfy! :tup: