Pictures of Your Koobas

  1. The handes are functional easy to get into the bag. Zipper made of brass very good.
  2. I am into Texture and Leather and color they make a beautiflul combo keep the bag pics coming
  3. [​IMG] Thinking of getting this Kooba's from their Fall collection....not sure..
  4. Loving this pic? what bag is that from Kooba?
  5. that is super cute! loving the mixture of hardware and leather! Excited to see what else they have up their sleeves...
  6. @Labagista09 on Kooba's website it says it's the Jude.

  7. Oooooh, just lovely! Gorgeous!
  8. Bought two Koobas from a lovely tPF-er via Bag Bonanza. Totally pleased! The color of the Halle is more accurate in the darker brick red. The Logan is tough to capture. It's a teal blue green, not quite blue, not quite green, totally gorgeous with everything I've paired it with so far, from jeans to dressy black. It's a BIG bag and I love the size and shape.
    kooba halle 1.jpg kooba halle 2.jpg kooba logan front1.jpg kooba logan side.jpg
  9. I almost bid on that bag! :sad: Gorgeous, and glad you won!
  10. 2008 Kooba Bag

    - Carried by Leighton Meester in the movie "The Roommate" and sold by the studio where I bought it -

  11. LOVE this!
  12. nm
  13. Kooba Daphne in Berry love it, the way it sits on my shoulder is just perfect and so comfortable and I am such a sucker for suede! Bought in 2011
    Kooba Daphne Berry Suede.JPG Kooba Daphne Berry Suede2.JPG Kooba Daphne Berry Suede3.JPG Kooba Daphne Berry Suede7.JPG Kooba Daphne Berry Suede8.JPG Kooba Daphne Berry Suede4.JPG
  14. I just brought the Hailey..................
    Kooba Hailey.jpg
  15. I am so late to the Kooba party but here is what I have
    Black Ada
    Ada-unknown color
    Black Braeden
    Unknown Kooba
    All together