Pictures of Your Koobas

  1. Hey Ladies! Many of the other designer forums have threads like this where we can share pictures with each other. It's a good all-in-one place to reference style, size, color, leather, and variations from season to season.

    Post away!!!
  2. Oh fun idea! I will get mine together and meanwhile can't wait to see everyone else's pics.
  3. Me too. It's easier said than done but I think I have pics of all of them and will have to take up several posts to list them all. It would be nice to add any info you have on the bag such as color, year, name?
  4. Okay, I'll start. Here's my one and only Kooba. It's a suede Ginger in "camel."



  5. Chocolate Kooba Brooklyn (2004?) and
    Red Elisha (Spring 2007)




  6. Jessie in Raisin (Fall 2006) and
    Jillian (Fall 2006)




    Jillian Bottom.JPG
  7. Kooba Alex Hobo in Fuschia (Spring 2005?) and Maria in Terraine (Fall 2006)

    Kooba Alex.JPG

  8. Sienna in Metallic Army (Winter 2005) and Scarlett in Metallic Army (2005) and Nina in Slate (Spring 2007)




    Hey started this thread. Where's yours???:p
  9. Tatum in Rust (2004?) and Bridget in Crackle OLive Green (2005?)



  10. hooly sMOKES LEXIE!! :smile: ive never seen all your bags in one place (and a few there i duno if ive seen @ all!)

    They are all gorgeous!

    i want this one the Kooba Alex Hobo in Fuschia *do they ever pop up on eBay!?!!?! i want that SOO BAD!
  11. I'm down to 11 now after I am selling these last ones!

    Look at this. Never knew it existed. Is it real? Looks it.

    No Alex's currently but I saw one up last week. Here's two Daniela's (the little sister of the Alex).

    Do you have to have the Fuschia one? There was one up last week in that color but the seller was asking like 299 or some outrageous price. It never sold. You could contact her and see if she still has it. I got mine on Bluefly not long ago. Currently it's not there but keep a watch cause they pop back up.
  12. ohh i love them that pink color is SO amazing!!! why dont they make something in that noW :smile: ?
  13. LOL. I know, I know...

    The truth is, the Olive Sienna is my ONLY Kooba right now and I still need to get better pics... daylight pics. I've been spending most of my time in Balenciagaland, and my KoobaLovin' has become a little sidetracked. Many of my bags had to go in order to fund the 2 B-bags I bought this last month, and my last Kooba was sold about a week ago... I'm waiting for an IF bag to come this week, and sadly enough I think I'm done for a while. Oh, who am I kidding... I'm sure I'll have another Kooba within 2 months!!!
  14. Girl, you and I need to talk, LOL ... I don't think I will ever be a collector of all colors of Bbags, but I must have one now that I have really let myself lay eyes on some of them ... so see you over there too LOL!