Pictures of your Goyard IN ACTION!


Aug 8, 2022
Decided to take my Khaki Belvedere PM out for a walk in the botanic gardens today. Here it is under natural light:


I’ve had this bag for about a month now and have really enjoyed using it so far! The khaki colour is beautiful – it’s neither too light nor too dark. All the three colours of the limited edition chevron (black, silver and burgundy) match well with the khaki colour of the bag as well.

Size-wise, the bag is a little small for my needs. I usually place a small water bottle and umbrella in it, plus a packet of tissues in the front pocket, and they fit just nicely, without any additional room for other items. Sadly, Goyard does not have a size between the PM and MM sizes, otherwise, that would be just nice, in my opinion.

If you look closely, you will notice that I am using the bag with the little strap in front going under the front flap, instead of over the flap. I was told that this is a trick to avoid the little strap developing creases over time, and so far, it works perfectly. The bag is so much easier to open and close this way.

Thank you for letting me share!