Pictures of your Goyard IN ACTION!


Dec 15, 2017
Hello everyone! Don't know if there is a thread for this - couldn't find one so please feel free to delete this if there is one!

I want to see pictures of your Goyard pieces in action! Would love to see what everyone has. Personally, I only have a Goyard St. Louis GM in the Black Goyardine, but I'd love to expand my collection sometime in the near future.


Jun 15, 2013
My two new Goyards and their first action- unwrapping them on my hotel bed! St. Louis in grey and Anjou in black.

I was in London for a few days and took the chance to stock up. This is when I found out about all the limits Goyard has on totes and different bags. :annoyed: I had bought 2 Artois bags earlier this year and wanted to buy 2 St. Louis totes this week (there is no Goyard in my country so I just wanted to make the best of it), but they wouldn't let me. However, they would let me upgrade one of the St. Louis totes to buy an Anjou (even though it is in the same category as Artois or whatever that rule is that they made an exception for, I kind of lost interest...).

Guess I am banned until next year unless I can get my husband to place a distant acquisition order. :biggrin: Can't stop thinking about something in the Goyard green...