Pictures of Stanley (the cat) walking on a leash..

  1. Yes, I'm finally posting pictures of my orange tabby Stanley taking a walk. These were taken today. :p That's my SO walking him..I was the photographer.
    stanwalking.JPG stanwalking2.JPG stanwalking3.JPG
  2. That's so cute!!!
  3. Love that!!!
  4. lol wow thats so freakin awesome!!! i wish i could of walked my cats before and have them be as tame like your kitty! ( he/she is tame when on the leash right? hehehe)
  5. That is just too funny and awesome!! I have 3 cats, and there is no way I could get them to do that!! Thanks for sharing. He must get alot of attention when you go out. What happens when he sees a dog or a bird/squirrel?

  6. OMG what a cutie.

  7. Actually, he did get a lil spooked out when he encountered someone walking their dog. But he quickly forgot about it and started walking again, lol. I swear its like having a dog in our place. He's a talker too. :smile:
  8. So cute, thanks for sharing!
  9. How adorable.
  10. Oh, Stanley is so handsome!
  11. That is amazing. I would love to see this IRL. I would definitely do a double take (me- Wooow, that is a cat on a leash!?!?).
  12. aww so cute
  13. I love it!
    Stanley is too cute for words :smile:.
  14. aww that is adorable!!
  15. Thanks girls!