Pictures of 2008 Spy bags

  1. The pictures have just come for the new 2008 spy bags, I do not know how clear they are going to be as I have had to photo them from the paper

    Theirs the powder pink spy and baby, which does look quite a nice colour, if you like pink prices are £1,200 and £615 or $2,400 and $1,200.

    The purple one looks nice but it is more a Liliac, not a deep purple which I was hopeing for. Ideal for spring, this also comes as a baby spy.

    Their are several limited editions, one black nappa leather with yellow tassles and has red flowers in the tassles £3,450 - $6,900. Theirs another black leather one with fringing and beads. 2 different LE pink ones with beads and a white nappa leather one again with pink fringing and beads. Wonder what these look like IRL. Cannot say that any of them totally blow me away, but think I would like a Liliac leather spy.
    Again sorry about quality of pictures - what do you think?
    137_3775.JPG 137_3771.JPG 137_3766.JPG 137_3777.JPG 137_3778.JPG
  2. Here are some more pictures
    137_3782.JPG 137_3785.JPG 137_3781.JPG 137_3783.JPG 137_3770.JPG
  3. Just cannot get better pictures, their is a reflection which comes from the paper, sorry
    137_3793.JPG 137_3790.JPG 137_3792.JPG 137_3791.JPG
  4. The pink is much lighter than I thought it would be...hmmm but then it is my favorite color. But then again, I just bought a LV in fuchsia vernis leather! I guess I will have to see it in real life!

    I have had rotten luck with trying to get a hold of a spy in a color that I like! I tried to purchase on eBay 2x (both auctions stated the bag is brand new) and they never are brand new! So sad...:tdown:

    Hey SAICH, do you know when they will be releasing these spy bags?
  5. thanks so much for the pics saich. hmmm, I kinda like the lilac spy, was hoping for a real royal purple too, but the lilac is nice, the pink is also pretty if you are a pink person, especially the one with the beads.
  6. these are just too girly for me. i don't see myself buying either. i was really hoping for a dark purple, too.

    thanks for the pics, saich!
  7. I'm a girlie girl and i love both the pink and purple spy! i must go and see IRL when it's in store and must save up for one now!
  8. WOW see the pink baby spy, it is really a real BABY!! :love:
    The purple is nice too~~ Gorgeous! Thanks Saich2 for the wonderful update!!
  9. I think they will probably be in store by Jan, as the sales in Hong Kong, they told me still now they are with the pre collection of 08, probably by Jan they will import the Spring collection :smile:
  10. Agree with you Lit, but I am wondering if these bags are darker IRL. they are real summer bags. I like bags to be dark in colour, like a very deep purple, not really so sure on this Lilac

    They should be in store January time, after the sales.

    When I go to London on Saturday I shall see them in the book they came from, these pictures I have are photocopies so they might be showing lighter in colour than they really are, anyway will have a look.....will also finally see the interlocking "F" spy as Sloane St., have got another one in cannot wait for that.
  11. uhm I haven't bought a spy in awhile but PINK will def be a purchase I wil make ..Thanks for sharing ..I need to frequent her more often
  12. Saich, when you said lilac I was thinking a light purple. Will need to see IRL. I was hoping for an eggplant but Fendi may think that blueberry was close enough. Thanks for the pics!
  13. Thanks very much for sharing! The pinks are really girly :smile:
  14. Thanks for posting. I do love pink...but need to see a good picture to be able to tell if I can really pull off carrying the pink one!
  15. Thanks for posting, Saich! Unfortunately (or maybe it's a good thing actually), neither are for me, but I'd love to see better pics one day if a member gets one. :yes: